The Limits To Greta


Greta cloned

Greta has docked in Lisbon and is on her way to Madrid. Presumably by train.

Greta is right

Most will cheer her on.  

Greta fuck her

Many will not. 

Greta Arron Banks hope she dies

Some rather see her drowned like an inconvenient truth.

Greta hung

Or hung like a false prophet.

Greta cult of youth

Some are annoyed.

Greta Review scenes from the heart

Some have reservations.

Greta is terrifying

And some are changing their minds.


Limits to Growth Club of Rome 1972.jpg

I was about Greta Thunberg’s age when the “The Limits To Growth”  appeared on the bestseller table of my local bookshop …

To be continued

GaiaMoney YouTube



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