Rehab Anyone? Ann Pettifor on going cold turkey as Lords poke into QE 7-2021 Quantitative easing: how the world got hooked on magicked-up money – Going cold turkey would finish off a dysfunctional global financial system that’s now hopelessly addicted to emergency infusions. The only solution is surgery on the system itself – By Ann Pettifor 16/7/2021 Bank of England must spell out the risks of quantitative easing, says Lords report  The Economic Affairs Committee publishes its report ‘Quantitative easing: a dangerous addiction?’, which urges the Bank of England to explain in more detail why it believes rising inflation will be a short-term phenomenon, and why continuing with its quantitative easing programme until the end of 2021 is the right course of action.

Report: Quantitative easing: a dangerous addiction? (PDF)

The Economic Affairs Committee launched this inquiry for several reasons:

  • the quantitative easing programme has not been subject to sufficient scrutiny, including in Parliament, given its size, longevity and economic importance.
  • to examine the extent to which quantitative easing has achieved its stated objectives, along with its effects on the real economy, growth and inflation.
  • to examine the most significant risks to the public finances that might result from quantitative easing, given that the Bank of England now holds a substantial portion of the debt issued by the Government.
  • to find out the Bank of England’s plans for quantitative easing in the future. 2-2022 Weaning New Zealand off financial heroin – by Dileepa Fonseka

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