According to Hesiod’s Theogony, the original nuclear family was created when Uranus mated with Gaia, the Greek earth goddess, and produced numerous children. Unfortunately, he hated his children, and they hated him. One of them, Cronus, went so far as to castrate Uranus and throw the severed genitals into the sea. This left a white foam in the ocean, which grew into Aphrodite, the goddess of love. So the story ends well, anyway. The mythographer Apollodorus described Uranus simply as ‘the first who ruled the whole world’. Now, of course, that role has been taken by money. So in order to protect Gaia, the planet Earth, from its ravagings, do we now need to metaphorically castrate money, throw the parts into the sea, and begin a new era of love? Or will it suffice to insert a few control rods?

David Orrell – 2022 – MONEY, MAGIC & how to DISMANTLE a FINANCIAL BOMB  – p289 – seas.harvard.edu/wiki-pdf – GAIA-HYPOTHESIS ggpage James Lovelock


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