Michael Pettis Savings&Loans

https://carnegieendowment.org/chinafinancialmarkets/83365 Foreign Saving Gluts and American Financial Imbalances MICHAEL PETTIS The idea that trade imbalances are more likely to be the result of credit imbalances than of savings imbalances ignores the role of savings imbalances in creating credit imbalances. When a surplus country demands to be paid for its trade surplus with claims on American … Continue reading Michael Pettis Savings&Loans

Bank Robbery : The Way We Create Money, and How It Damages the World – by Ivo Mosley

amazon.com 2020 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bank-Robbery-create-money-damages/dp/1911193643 Our money system is a toxic left-over from a time when theft on a grand scale – war and empire-building – was glorified. Today, we need to move on from a system that allows and encourages the worst in us (and the worst among us) to prosper. We take the money system for … Continue reading Bank Robbery : The Way We Create Money, and How It Damages the World – by Ivo Mosley

How Banks Create Money and Why Governments Should Too by Derryl Hermanutz

amazon.com 2-2020 https://www.amazon.com/Banks-Create-Money-Governments-Should/dp/1651225281 Book Description Where does money come from?Why is there so much debt?Every government on Earth is a billionaire or trillionaire bond debtor, not a rich as Midas money printer. Everybody knows that. In the Fifty Years Ago Today section of daily newspapers, headlines warn of alarming and increasing levels of government deficits … Continue reading How Banks Create Money and Why Governments Should Too by Derryl Hermanutz

Myth of Money – Story of Power – Stephen Zarlenga’s Lost Science of Money

“...marvelously helpful and has some stunning historical vistas..." Hugh Downs “...provides the needed background for seeing the basic structural issues at work" Michael Hudson “...a masterful work” Michael Kumhof Given Stephen Zarlenga turns out to be a prominent proponent of money reform in the US, it seems to have taken me a long time to … Continue reading Myth of Money – Story of Power – Stephen Zarlenga’s Lost Science of Money

Eberhard Gamm – Geld als Buchführung

Eberhard Gamm GG pdf – 2021 Was ist Geld? Die fehlerhafte Buchführung der Banken und ihre Folgen – Eberhard Gamm Die KurzfassungIn diesem Buch wird gezeigt, dassGeld eine Buchführungsgrösse ist, mit der erbrachte und in Anspruch genommene Leistungen abgerechnet werden;es sich bei einer Zahlung um die Verbuchung einer Leistungstransaktion handelt;sich ein Kredit fundamental von einem … Continue reading Eberhard Gamm – Geld als Buchführung

Stephen Zarlenga’s Der Mythos vom Geld – Die Geschichte der Macht

Der Titel “Der Mythos vom Geld – die Geschichte der Macht” trifft das Buch doppelt gut, denn es ist nicht nur eine chartalistische Geschichte von Geld als Macht, sondern gerade die Geschichte der Verschleierung dieser Macht…

Agent Orange? Bildungslücke der Ampelkoalition emittiert Aktienrente

Sehr Geehrte Ampel, In dem Glauben dass Sie meine freischaffenden Interessen am ehesten vertreten, möchte ich mich als Selbstständiger primär an Gelb, sekundär an Rot und zu guter Letzt an Grün wenden. Freiheit, Gerechtigkeit, Nachhaltigkeit - das ist gut. Ich freue mich Sie wollen auf dem Weg dorthin Fortschritt wagen. Gerade was die Digitalisierung angeht. … Continue reading Agent Orange? Bildungslücke der Ampelkoalition emittiert Aktienrente

Real World Economics Review Out Now

This review serves up some excellent articles, including CasP's Blair Fix on the "Ritual of Capitalisation", John Komlos on the US economy, and Radhika Desai with Michael Hudson on the "Dollar Creditocracy". But it is Ib Ravn's "educational" article on banking, money creation and credit money that stands out as a uniquely comprehensible introduction to the real existing money system. Highly recommended!

Wie die Welt QE-süchtig wurde. Ann Pettifor zur Illusion des marktkonformen Entzugs.

Das dysfunktionale globales Finanzsystem wurde abhänging vom Neugeld der QE Notfallinfusionen. Der Glaube an systemkonforme Entzugstherapie ist eine naive Illusion.

Rehab Anyone? Ann Pettifor on going cold turkey as Lords poke into QE

"The only way to call time on QE, if that is what we truly want, is to deconstruct and then reconstruct, regulate and stabilise the whole financial system, so that the extraordinary privilege of credit creation is always balanced by a responsibility not to take undue risks." Ann Pettifor

Digital Money News – updates and articles on CBDCs, monetary politics and state digital currencies

Wozu ein digitaler Euro, Dollar oder Yuan? fragt Die Zeit - Monetary-fiscal interactions on the way out of the crisis by Fabio Panetta

Digitales Zentral Bank Geld : Geld zwischen Schleier und Tabu (2)

Wie das kommende Digitale Zentralbankgeld (CBDC) die Banken und das Märchen vom Sparen bedroht; warum Banken kein Geld verleihen, es aber auch nicht Ex Nihilo schöpfen; und warum die orthodoxe Wirtschaftswissenschaft Geldschöpfung tabuisiert und Kreditgeld ignoriert.

CBDC Govcoins – Has The Economist unveiled the endogenous engine of capitalism?

Not quite. More like 101=404. Classical effort = Error not found. Missing as ever : The Money. “Economic action cannot, at least in capitalist society, be explained without taking account of money, and practically all economic propositions are relative to the modus operandi of a given monetary system,” Joseph Schumpeter 1939 The Economist special report 2021 The … Continue reading CBDC Govcoins – Has The Economist unveiled the endogenous engine of capitalism?

ALT currencies -digital -blockchain -crypto, bitcoin , internet -big tech, -metaverse, web3

gaia0geld ALT currencies -digital -blockchain -crypto -NFT( bitcoin, diem, etc) , internet -big tech-metaverse, web3 this page this pagedigital commercial/internetupdatesinternet/web/big tech,blockchain/crypto/digital currencies, see alsogg-article/NewYorker 2021 bored-ape-avatars-taking-over-twitter- nft, crypto-currency - by Kyle Chaykahttps://gaiageld.com/data-metrics/ AI, data, metricshttps://gaiageld.com/big-tech-vincent-ventures-2021/https://gaiageld.com/altc-bitcoin-deciphering-crypto-j-norrington/https://gaiageld.com/digital-currencies-china-neil-ferguson/see alsoeco , energy, ideal, local, next currencies monetary reform    B Lietaer    M Kennedysovereign digital currencies – CBDC   https://gaiageld.com/2021/07/03/digital-money-news-updates-and-articles-on-cbdcs-monetary-politics-and-digital-currencies/monetary US/UK  monetary EU … Continue reading ALT currencies -digital -blockchain -crypto, bitcoin , internet -big tech, -metaverse, web3

Confirmed: QE feeds Matthew Effect

Breaking Old News - QE really does feed Matthew effect!  Following bankers' earlier observations we now have official mainstream confirmation that  "softer monetary policy increases inequality." Not just in the US.  A fresh study by A.L. Anderson etal  provides "... new evidence on the distributional effects of monetary policy based on detailed administrative household-level data. The … Continue reading Confirmed: QE feeds Matthew Effect

“Digital Corrections – will crypto save capitalism, and the FED ?”

The FED has no way of re-balancing or raising rates without crashing the markets. The FED doesn't want to take the blame. Not again. Even though the markets are crying out for a correction.  There is no discipline. The level of incontinence is unprecedented. QE has got to stop. But how? One would like new … Continue reading “Digital Corrections – will crypto save capitalism, and the FED ?”

DEBT past present future public private crisis

see also >Ann Pettifor cnbc.com 3-3-2022 Sri Lanka’s economic crisis deepens as the country is snowed under its crushing debt - by Sumathi Bala For Zahara Zain, the current times in Sri Lanka are  reminiscent of the early 1970s, when the country was fighting for its surviva, when the country was fighting for its survival amid … Continue reading DEBT past present future public private crisis


"The Best Way to Rob a Bank" -  Ben Hunt's  article about  the tiny  Bremer Bundaberg Bank  that paid for Gupta buying Krupp  is a delightfully illuminating summing up of the Greensill episode. Here are some highlights : "I think that the collapse over the past week of Greensill Capital has a lot of systemic … Continue reading Greensill

Monetary fiscal US UK Can Fed BoE BoC Brazil

unherd.com 3-5-2022 Is this the beginning of the end for the US dollar? - China is threatening to dump dollar reserves to protect them from seizure - by Philip Pilkington ..."On Saturday The Financial Times reported that the Chinese central bank and finance ministry held an internal conference discussing how to protect against potential US … Continue reading Monetary fiscal US UK Can Fed BoE BoC Brazil

Ann Pettifor

g0g   deutsch hier Worldwide there are about 15.000 economists.  Six of them did predict the 2008/09 global-financial-crisis. Ann Pettifor was one of them. "Ann Pettifor, director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME).  Pettifor’s 2006 publication – The Coming First World Debt Crisis – bombed on its release, but became a bestseller after the GFC. … Continue reading Ann Pettifor

The Queen, Seventeen, Halloween…

Ten years after the 2008 crisis I came across an old Guardian article : Queen finally finds out why no one saw the financial crisis coming Her Majesty gets the answer to her question – four years after she asked it – on a tour of the Bank of England One doesn't normally keep the … Continue reading The Queen, Seventeen, Halloween…