green techno – sustainable technologies

green techno - sustainable technologies 13-1-2022 Underwater turbines tipped to provide 10% of UK energy - By Catherine Kennedy Undersea turbines could generate a tenth of Britain’s power in the future, according to a government-backed sustainable energy research company. Tidal stream energy uses turbines to extract energy from moving water in oceans and rivers, … Continue reading green techno – sustainable technologies

The “Selling” of DeGrowth – or how to soft sell the hardest sale ever – by John Feffer

source: John Feffer 2021 , originally published 20-12-2021 by Foreign Policy In Focus GaiaMoney is revisiting DeGrowth for Xmas with John Feffer's question: "Can those who advocate hitting the brakes on economic growth get their message across before it’s too late?" "Over the last three decades, a growing number of scientists and ecologists have argued … Continue reading The “Selling” of DeGrowth – or how to soft sell the hardest sale ever – by John Feffer

Vorsprung durch Grünwasch

Ersparen Sie Grün? Im ewigen Kampf um die relative Kapitalisierung freut Bloomberg sich am Reputationsschaden einer populären Deutschen Grünwaschanlage. Trotz Kreditschwemme ist der Job der Vermögensverwalter nicht einfacher geworden. Der Anleger erwartet zwar Bitcoinartige Gewinne, möchte aber nicht mehr im Sklavenhandel stecken, zumindest nicht wissentlich, da das zu unangenehmen Schlafstörungen führt. Sklavenfreier Zucker? So versprechen … Continue reading Vorsprung durch Grünwasch

Cop-out CoP and the elephant in the room

I am copping out of my CoP post. I am way off target. Instead of editing my article reviews I got lost in a meandering mishmash of a maybe essay on money, value and growth. Like "Growth! What Growth?" Trying to think (too) big was probably inspired by the Dawn of Everything. I've had too … Continue reading Cop-out CoP and the elephant in the room

Tipping Points

Today the news fed me two tipping points for the price of one : Amazonia and plastics. How do climate tipping points happen? Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly."

Infinite Plastic Pollution Meets Systemic Inelasticity

-gaiageld- Don’t miss this fantastic plastic video! Plastic waste? In the 1970’s economists typically dismissed the “Limits to Growth” report as “worthless science” and “ignorance masquerading as knowledge”. Robert Solow’s possibly illogical but impressively complex maths of “Eternal Growth” obscured his own ignorant limits of imagination. “Solow and colleagues never considered outputs—waste and pollution—to be more … Continue reading Infinite Plastic Pollution Meets Systemic Inelasticity

Is Greenwashing the New Money Laundering?

Not exactly. It's not new. And it's a lot bigger. The trillions involved are likely to dwarf the entire history of money laundering. Dig into the numbers below. But lets look on the bright sunny core of greenwashing. Unlike money laundering this is not aiding and abetting criminals. On the contrary. It's keeping legal businesses … Continue reading Is Greenwashing the New Money Laundering?

diversity 101 = pluriverse

    endorsements A way to understanding an alternative future. – Juliet Schor, Sociology, Boston CollegeA book of dazzling breadth, provocative and persuasive scholarship. – Sylvia Marcos, Mexican feminist activist and scholarFor too long the North has imposed its one-size-fits-all agenda on the South. – Dan O’Neill, economist, University of LeedsThis Dictionary charts pathways for … Continue reading diversity 101 = pluriverse

Karlsruhe goes green ?!

Karlsruhe korrigiert die Regierung : Es gibt eine Recht auf Lebenserwartung!  "Versagt": Nach dem spektakulären Karlsruher Urteil zum Klimaschutzgesetz hat die Aktivistin Neubauer im nachtmagazin die Koalition kritisiert. Ministerin Schulze hingegen sprach in den tagesthemen von "Rückenwind". Fridays-for-Future-Aktivistin Luisa Neubauer hat das Lob aus der Politik für die Klimaschutz-Entscheidung des Bundesverfassungsgerichts als "grenzenlos scheinheilig" bezeichnet. … Continue reading Karlsruhe goes green ?!

Karlsruhe – what next?    27/4/2021  A Relieving Decision    by  Hanno Kube With its interim decision of 15 April 2021, the German Federal Constitutional Court has paved the way for ratification of the 2020 Own Resources Decision by the German side. The speculation that the temporary order issued on 26 March 2021 against the German President – … Continue reading Karlsruhe – what next?

Fresh Fish Anyone? Have you watched the streaming Seaspiracy documentary about the global fishing industries yet? Having fact-checked Ali Tabrizi's Netflix documentary you may want to fact-check the label on your Friday fish this week ... 24/3/2021 ‘Seaspiracy’ Review: Got Any Scandals? Go Fish. - A Netflix documentary takes viewers on a voyage around the world … Continue reading Fresh Fish Anyone?

green finance + investment, ESG

gaia0geld updates >here - see also  >greenwashing   >sustainability  8/2021 The ESG investing industry is dangerous - A BlackRock dissident speaks truth - by Robert Armstrong Tariq Fancy is right about the ESG investment industry. Almost everything that Tariq Fancy says about environmental, social and corporate governance, or ESG, investing has been said before, in one form or another. … Continue reading green finance + investment, ESG

Greta, Mnuchin and PlanB

A year ago, when The Virus was still a fuzzy rumour,  one was already plagued by the puzzle of the three zeros :  the skeletal numbers of no interest and near nil inflation lined up for a danse macabre around the grave of zombie growth. Never seen this before. This is different. This can't be … Continue reading Greta, Mnuchin and PlanB

State of the Planet

“Transformative changes are now necessary" says the Nobel report. Will the event be a spectacle of technological inventions? Would be nice to see some monetary innovations, too. Just follow the money ...  our planet our future - solutions sessions On day three of the Nobel Prize Summit our partners will be hosting events that … Continue reading State of the Planet

Little Big Bill’s Techno Fix

Little Bill has lent his big billionaire voice to de-coupling, the idea that traditional capitalist growth can be cleansed of its polluting effects.  Better than denial or obstruction? Absolutely. Every little helps.   But de-coupling inside a political vaccuum is kids' softplay. What matters in the adult world is the gravity of power. Just follow the money... … Continue reading Little Big Bill’s Techno Fix

degrowth auf deutsch

DeGrowth verbreitet  sich auch in Deutschland als BewegungsBegriff für Nachhaltigkeit und  PostWachstum.  Mit der Oekonomie  Professorin Maja Göpel hat das Land der Grünen eine  Raworth&Nickel  kombinierende Ueberfrau und Videostar. Ihr Bestseller wurde selten breit gelobt (siehe unten). Viel Info und Artkel zum Thema gibt es auch beim degrowth webportal: Degrowth-Webportal.  Hier gibt es Informationen rund … Continue reading degrowth auf deutsch

DeGrowth – Décroissance for Xmas anyone?

Décroissance, or degrowth, is a story of hope amidst adversity. Just like Xmas. Born of the adversities of a poisoned and plundered planet, degrowthers say "No! No More! Let's get out of the Old National Market Hall of Sickly Scarcity and into the New Global Banquet Hall of Happy Abundance... Yes, contrary to first impressions, … Continue reading DeGrowth – Décroissance for Xmas anyone?

De-Growth on Bloomberg

Nearly a year ago I did a first blog on Greta, ending with a promising beginning: "I was about Greta Thunberg’s  age when the “The Limits To Growth”  appeared on the bestseller table of my local bookshop..." But stuff happens and I never got much further on "Green Growth". I was planning to reconstruct my … Continue reading De-Growth on Bloomberg


Is the coronavirus an act of green terrorism? Allegedly the currently globalising  coronavirus did not just accidentally escape from the  Wuhan virology lab  but was deliberately smuggled out by a 21 year old researcher and self declared Greta Thunberg fan.  "I wanted to disrupt the earth-killing global economy" declared the biochemistry student who sneaked out … Continue reading Crisis!

Crisis? What Crisis!

"Almost no chance of a recession this year", concludes Barron's roundtable, "markets will gain despite looming risks."  "Recession has been "priced out in a rally for the record books" booms bloomberg and forbes feels that now "only the perennial bears believe" in a 2020 recession. Investors "go into the new decade with a spring in … Continue reading Crisis? What Crisis!

The Limits to Greta 3

Spectrum of Denial "... 2019 was in many ways, for many of us, Year Zero. It was the year many of us stopped disassociating, woke up and realised the party is over.” The postcard from Sydney is a reminder that you can have months of unprecedented bushfires and still reject global warming as a hoax … Continue reading The Limits to Greta 3

The Limits to Greta 2

Postcard from Sidney My post on Greta and Growth has become a meandering epic. "Growth" denominates and drives the whole theater of absurdities that is the Status Quo. I have been reading all over the place and got a bit lost. But let's re-start. In Sydney. Now : "2019 wasn't just protests and Fleabag: it … Continue reading The Limits to Greta 2

The Limits To Greta

Greta has docked in Lisbon and is on her way to Madrid. Presumably by train. Most will cheer her on.   Many will not.  Some rather see her drowned like an inconvenient truth. Or hung like a false prophet. Some are annoyed. Some have reservations. And some are changing their minds. I was about Greta Thunberg's … Continue reading The Limits To Greta