Wachstum? Nein Danke! DeGrowth und die vielfältigen Wirklichkeiten der Postwachstumstheorie

Welches Wachstum? BIP Wachstum, nachhaltig, gruen, oeko, Post Wachstum - degrowth - Ist Wachstumsrücknahme die einzige Form nachhaltigen Wachstums? Wir besuchen die vie % irklichkeiten der Postwachstumstheorie. The future Is degrowth: A guide to a world beyond capitalism - by Matthias Schmelzer, Andrea Vetter, Aaron Vansintjan

‘Electrify Everything’ by Saul Griffith – electrification and abundance –

source: https://www.theatlantic.com/newsletters/archive/2022/02/saul-griffith-electrify-everything-solution-save-humanity/622911/ eco crisis - climate crisis, de-fossil, energy, electricity, degrowth, alt growth, abundance goodreads.com 2021 Electrify: An Optimist's Playbook for Our Clean Energy Futureby Saul Griffith - An optimistic--but realistic and feasible--action plan for fighting climate change while creating new jobs and a healthier environment: electrify everything. Climate change is a planetary emergency. We … Continue reading ‘Electrify Everything’ by Saul Griffith – electrification and abundance –

DEGROWTH – ALT-, non GDP- post-growth – updates

updates here see also 2021 degrowth-auf-deutsch/ 2020 decroissance-for-xmas-anyone/ 2020 greta +g rowth 2019 stiglitz-wants-gdp-retired/ climate crisis eco crisis ecological economics energy Greenwash Green Finance/Investment/ESG Growth! What Growth? natural resources Pluriverse Post -capitalist, -colonial, -growth sustainability https://gaiageld.com/gdp-growth-degrowth-decoupling-transition/ degrowth updates 8-2023 academia.edu gg/pdf 2016-2023 "A wealth of possibilities: Alternatives to growth" by Aaron Vansintjan This study, commissioned … Continue reading DEGROWTH – ALT-, non GDP- post-growth – updates

The “Selling” of DeGrowth – or how to soft sell the hardest sale ever – by John Feffer

source: John Feffer 2021 resilience.org , originally published 20-12-2021 by Foreign Policy In Focus GaiaMoney is revisiting DeGrowth for Xmas with John Feffer's question: "Can those who advocate hitting the brakes on economic growth get their message across before it’s too late?" "Over the last three decades, a growing number of scientists and ecologists have argued … Continue reading The “Selling” of DeGrowth – or how to soft sell the hardest sale ever – by John Feffer

diversity 101 = pluriverse

    endorsements A way to understanding an alternative future. – Juliet Schor, Sociology, Boston College A book of dazzling breadth, provocative and persuasive scholarship. – Sylvia Marcos, Mexican feminist activist and scholar For too long the North has imposed its one-size-fits-all agenda on the South. – Dan O’Neill, economist, University of Leeds This Dictionary … Continue reading diversity 101 = pluriverse

DeGrowth or Décroissance anyone? (not just for Xmas)

degrowth updates here Décroissance, or degrowth, is a story of hope amidst adversity. Just like Xmas. Born of the adversities of a poisoned and plundered planet, degrowthers say "No! No More! Let's get out of the Old National Market Hall of Sickly Scarcity and into the New Global Banquet Hall of Happy Abundance... Yes, contrary … Continue reading DeGrowth or Décroissance anyone? (not just for Xmas)

GROWTH! What Growth?

GROWTH! What Growth? intro/featured/selected  Growth!WhatGrowth? updates here + ALT-, De-, non- GDP- post-Growth updates here Alf Hornborg writes in his article “How to turn an ocean liner”:  “Although soon reduced to a heterodox and marginalized position, the critique of growth has continued to challenge mainstream dogmas of economics and policy for over four decades. Countless debates have … Continue reading GROWTH! What Growth?