updates – Crash? What Crash!

Land&Wine Who says US rates will go up for real? Maybe the Fed's endlessly extended expectation will do. No real rise yet but there has been worried talk of liquidity problems all along. Bears may gasp for breath as the very idea of de-leveraging seems to evaporate. Unperturbed, the ageing bull isn't roaring but keeps … Continue reading updates – Crash? What Crash!

philosophy of SCIENCE – epistemology

aeon.co/ 2022 Quantum Wittgenstein - Metaphysical debates in quantum physics don’t get at ‘truth’ – they’re nothing but a form of ritual, activity and culture ..."...As a scientist and mathematician, Wittgenstein has challenged my own tendency to seek out interpretations of phenomena that have no scientific value – and to see such explanations as nothing … Continue reading philosophy of SCIENCE – epistemology

historical economics – history of ideas, institutional, interdisciplinary

see also > economic history daviskedrosky.substack.com 16-5-2022 The New Historical Economics is Self-Aware What does it do? Who is it for? - Davis Kedrosky amazon.co.uk 5-2021 The Handbook of Historical Economics Paperback – by Alberto Bisin, Giovanni Federico sup.org History in Financial Times (Currencies: New Thinking for Financial Times) - by Amin Samman Critical theorists … Continue reading historical economics – history of ideas, institutional, interdisciplinary


According to Hesiod’s Theogony, the original nuclear family was created when Uranus mated with Gaia, the Greek earth goddess, and produced numerous children. Unfortunately, he hated his children, and they hated him. One of them, Cronus, went so far as to castrate Uranus and throw the severed genitals into the sea. This left a white … Continue reading About