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About the blog : The Developing Economics blog takes critical and pluralist approach to the field of Development Economics. It seeks to stimulate debate and reflection on economic development among academics and practitioners from all relevant fields. All critical voices out there are encouraged to submit contributions.    Ilias Alami, Carolina Alves, Svenja Flechtner, Farwa Sial, Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven 

Two positions on development: Arturo Escobar and Henry Veltmeyer SOAS 1995 An Anthropological Critique of Development: The Growth of Ignorance Mark Hobart 2018 Critique of development economics Franklin Obeng-Odoom 2016 Poverty: Who, where and why? Pavlos Koktsidis – DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION IN THEORY AND PRACTICE – An educator’s resource Edited by: Michal Cenker, Louiza Hadjivasiliou, Patrick Marren, Niamh Rooney

A Moral Critique of Development: Ethics, Aesthetics and Responsibility Ananta Kumar Giri, Philip Qarles Van Ufford

There is a fundamental criticism of the IMF / Washington consensus approach: It does not acknowledge that development requires a transformation of society. Uganda grasped this in its radical elimination all school fees, something that budget accountants focusing solely on revenues and costs simply could not understand.
(Joseph Stiglitz (2002), “Globalization and its Discontents”, p. 76)
Human beings are not only the most important means of social development, they are also its profoundest end. Being a fine piece of capital is not the most exalted state that can happen to a human being. (Amartya Sen (1998), “Human Development and Financial Conservatism”, p. 734)