Global Slice 🌍: Aluminium and Bauxite



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Total: 30 billion

Guinea: 7.4 billion
Australia: 6 billion
Vietnam: 3.7 billion
Brazil: 2.7 billion


Largest producer is Australia, followed by China
Guinea (In April, the Guinean Government announced plans to award a $1.4bn contract to Société de Bauxites de Guinée, a Dutch subsidiary of MetalCorp, to build a new bauxite processing plant in the country. Despite having the world’s largest bauxite reserves, Guinea has historically processed very little of the mineral, instead exporting it to foreign countries in deals that favour overseas companies. Biggest export – to China. Guinea has reached an agreement with Russian company Rusal where the latter only has to return 0.01% of its bauxite profits to Guinea, equivalent to around $1 per tonne.
La Société Minière de Boké (SMB), is a joint venture that includes a Chinese company that is the largest aluminum producer in the world. The SMB consortium has expanded rapidly since it began operating in 2015 and is already Guinea’s biggest exporter. SMB’s cash-for-land approach gives farmers one-off financial payments to reflect both the value of land and trees and crops growing it, has allowed the consortium to acquire land quickly to fuel its rapid expansion. “Compensation just comes in one go, whereas your crops and fields stay with you for many years, for decades even,” said one farmer. The second, La Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée (CBG), is a decades-old company, co-owned by the Guinean government and multinational mining companies, including Alcoa and Rio Tinto. )

Bauxite is an amorphous clayey rock that is the chief commercial ore of aluminium. It consists largely of hydrated alumina with variable proportions of iron oxides. Used for for aluminium production or production of refractory materials, chemicals or cements.


Aluminium and Bauxite Production

Total …. mined in 2017 was … tonnes. Divided equally between all 7.5 billion people, this would be … per person; divided between 10 million, …; divided between 12.5 billion, ….

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▶Remaining countries
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