Global Slice 🌍: Coal



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More than 1 trillion

7.9 billion

China: 3.3 billion
USA: 0.78 billion
South Africa:

Most-mined mineral in the world, enough to last for 150 years (at the current production rates). Overall the production rates are falling as renewable energy sources become more widespread.

The World Coal Association (2016 data)

Coal, iron and bauxite top list of most-mined minerals in the world

Coal Production

Total coal mined in 2017 was … tonnes. Divided equally between all 7.5 billion people, this would be … per person; divided between 10 million, …; divided between 12.5 billion, ….

The top 10 producing countries are listed and charted below. Click the “▶Remaining countries” legend under the chart to see the others.

▶Remaining countries
Data as above, but for the remaining countries.