Global Slice 🌍: To Do

☞This page, recommended by CAW Nov 30 2021, no longer has its images: .

☞Resent by CAW 30 Nov 2021: .

␆I have made pages for each mineral mentioned, with a “Production” section modelled on that of my Gold page. I’ve not put the data in there yet, but I’ll do so, taking it from the BGS. At the top of these pages, I’ve put a “Notes” section containing the appropriate row from 10 minerals.docx .

☞This page recommended 30 Nov 2021: .

␆I have added this to the “Notes” section on the Copper page.

☞A slice “surface” breakdown 30 Nov 2021:

71% water >  3620 m2 water,
2,5% fresh  900m2

14790m2 land
37% agricultural  5470m2
3% built on  440m2
33% desert  4880m2
25% mountains  3690m2
to be checked  and then divided by 7.5/10/12.5bn

see this attachment: .

␆I have started making pages for land and water.