Helge Peukert eng

Helge Peukert’s open letter to Christine Largarde ( google translation)

Chère Christine …

… The ECB has become the main buyer of government bonds and also of some private bonds of large corporations, which pushed their prices up nicely and made good on the balance sheets of the banks. Or they could resell the securities at good prices to the ECB as a substitute insurer. Thus a monetary central administration economy with completely distorted prices developed and this purchase program is to be resumed since your assumption of office. By the way, you have managed that you can no longer save low-risk. Anyone who does not pay his money loses money every year. And the wealth of the already well-to-do, who own shares, real estate, etc., is going up, thanks to your flood of money.

If you really want to bring demand money effectively under the people, then donates every citizen a few thousand euros (helicopter money), you can and may. That would not redistribution up. But you form a community of interests with (large) banks and the political establishment, we almost forgot that. “