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quora.com 2-2023  What was the most frightening historical image you have ever seen? – by Sean Kernan

“This was taken in 1877. It’s been burned into my consciousness for years ever since seeing it. It’s a man looking over his family during the British Raj in India. There were many cases of cannibalism and he feared someone would try to kill and eat his children or wife. I acknowledge this is a difficult picture to look at— but I included it for a reason. Many people in the US/West aren’t even aware of the terrible famines that swept through India and which are comparable to the holocaust in deaths (an estimated ~30 million people have died in famines in India). This was taken from the Great Famine of 1876–1878, which was far worse than the infamous Bengal Famine. It was caused by a crop failure/drought and was exacerbated by the crown’s export of wheat abroad. In total, 5.6 – 9 million people died (it’s hard to get exact figures). And within huge statistics like these, are forgotten stories….




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