Intelligence -AI -IQ  29/10/2021 ‘Yeah, we’re spooked’: AI starting to have big real-world impact, says expert
Prof Stuart Russell says field of artificial intelligence needs to grow up quickly to ensure humans remain in control   6/2021  Microsoft’s Kate Crawford: ‘AI is neither artificial nor intelligent’  by Zoë Corbyn

“My hope is that, by showing how AI systems work – by laying bare the structures of production and the material realities – we will have a more accurate account of the impacts, and it will invite more people into the conversation. These systems are being rolled out across a multitude of sectors without strong regulation, consent or democratic debate.  …  We’ve got a long way to go before this is green technology. Also, systems might seem automated but when we pull away the curtain we see large amounts of low paid labour, everything from crowd work categorising data to the never-ending toil of shuffling Amazon boxes. AI is neither artificial nor intelligent. It is made from natural resources and it is people who are performing the tasks to make the systems appear autonomous. … Bias is too narrow a term for the sorts of problems we’re talking about. Time and again, we see these systems producing errors … Unfortunately the politics of classification has become baked into the substrates of AI   5/2021  Understanding the 4 Types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Bernard Marr – Did you know there are four distinct types of artificial intelligence? 5/2021 The Turing Test 2.0 – When Alan Turing devised his famous test to see if machines could think, computers were slow, primitive objects that filled entire rooms. Juanita Bawagan discovers how modern algorithms have transformed our understanding of the “Turing Test” and what it means for artificial intelligence. … Today, researchers are rewriting the rules, taking on new challenges and even developing “reverse” Turing Tests that can tell humans apart from bots. It seems the closer we get to truly intelligent machines, the fuzzier the lines of the Turing Test become. Conceptual questions, such as the meaning of intelligence and human behaviour, are centre stage once more.

Figure 1×278.jpg   2021  Should I Be Scared of Artificial Intelligence? Mohammad Mushfequr Rahman   2021  Artificial General Intelligence and Creative Economy  Konstantinos I Kotis 9/6/2021 DeepMind says reinforcement learning is ‘enough’ to reach general AI by Ben Dickson

In a new paper submitted to the peer-reviewed Artificial Intelligence journal, scientists at U.K.-based AI lab DeepMind argue that intelligence and its associated abilities will emerge not from formulating and solving complicated problems but by sticking to a simple but powerful principle: reward maximization. 12/5/2021 AI and particle physics: a powerful partnership Experimental particle physicist Jessica Esquivel explores the beneficial collaboration between artificial intelligence and particle physics that is advancing both fields