real existing capitalism – neo liberalism, globalisation

London Museum of Neoliberalism - Neo-Lib Google Gallery see also > history real existing capitalism > NEO LIBERALISM - GLOBALISATION - HISTORY - POLITICS - US - BUSINESS - ECONOMICS - WASHINGTON CONSENSUS - Mark-Fisher - John N.Gray neo-liberalism - featured/selected - updates 1-2023 here google/de 11-2021 Globalismus und Demokratie - Politische Ökonomie im … Continue reading real existing capitalism – neo liberalism, globalisation

Stiglitz wants GDP retired

see also growth1what growth? - gdp update below "It's time to retire metrics like GDP." writes Joseph Stiglitz in The Guardian. "The way we assess economic performance and social progress is fundamentally wrong, and the climate crisis has brought these concerns to the fore." Indeed. Always nice to hear the reforming voices. Apparently another revised … Continue reading Stiglitz wants GDP retired