Vorsprung durch Grünwasch

Ersparen Sie Grün? Im ewigen Kampf um die relative Kapitalisierung freut Bloomberg sich am Reputationsschaden einer populären Deutschen Grünwaschanlage. Trotz Kreditschwemme ist der Job der Vermögensverwalter nicht einfacher geworden. Der Anleger erwartet zwar Bitcoinartige Gewinne, möchte aber nicht mehr im Sklavenhandel stecken, zumindest nicht wissentlich, da das zu unangenehmen Schlafstörungen führt. Sklavenfreier Zucker? So versprechen … Continue reading Vorsprung durch Grünwasch

Rehab Anyone? Ann Pettifor on going cold turkey as Lords poke into QE

"The only way to call time on QE, if that is what we truly want, is to deconstruct and then reconstruct, regulate and stabilise the whole financial system, so that the extraordinary privilege of credit creation is always balanced by a responsibility not to take undue risks." Ann Pettifor

Is Greenwashing the New Money Laundering?

greenwashing - updates see also climate crisis  ESG’s, green finance + investment Vorsprung durch Grünwaschen sustainability Not exactly. It’s not new. And it’s a lot bigger. Greenwash Guy Pearse 2012 The trillions involved are likely to dwarf the entire history of money laundering. Dig into the numbers below. But lets look on the bright sunny … Continue reading Is Greenwashing the New Money Laundering?

green finance, investment – ESG, greenwashing

featured/intro - updates below see also  > decoupling green GdP eco-capitalist >greenwashing   >sustainability ft.com  8/2021 The ESG investing industry is dangerous - A BlackRock dissident speaks truth - by Robert Armstrong Tariq Fancy is right about the ESG investment industry. Almost everything that Tariq Fancy says about environmental, social and corporate governance, or ESG, investing has been said before, … Continue reading green finance, investment – ESG, greenwashing

Adam K – Stanley Fisher “fishy loanable funds”

source Mitchel blog/apropo MMT post/Sep 2019 Adam K  something fishy : Stanley Fisher and the naive classical version of loanable funds theory in action.    "The article links to a paper written by and others for Black Rock Institute “Dealing with the next downturn: From unconventional monetary policy to unprecedented policy coordination” There is something … Continue reading Adam K – Stanley Fisher “fishy loanable funds”