The Delusion of Infinite Economic Growth – Chirag Dhara + Vandana Singh – 2021

Even “sustainable” technology such as electric vehicles and wind turbines faces physical limits and exacts environmental costs - By Chirag Dhara, Vandana Singh on June 20, 2021 source: Credit: Getty Images The electric vehicle (EV) has become one of the great modern symbols of a world awakened to the profound challenges of unsustainability and climate change. So much so … Continue reading The Delusion of Infinite Economic Growth – Chirag Dhara + Vandana Singh – 2021

growth! gdp growth, de-growth, what growth? -updates this page de/growth updates see also 2021 degrowth-auf-deutsch/2020 decroissance-for-xmas-anyone/2020 greta +g rowth2019 stiglitz-wants-gdp-retired/climate crisiseco crisisecological economicsenergyGreenwashGreen Finance/Investment/ESGGrowth! What Growth?natural resourcesPluriversesustainability de/growth updates 5-2022 5-2022 Why long-term economic growth often disappoints - A new paper suggests technological progress is overrated ..."...The problem, according to Mr Philippon, is that tfp does not actually grow exponentially. … Continue reading growth! gdp growth, de-growth, what growth? -updates

SCIENCE natural, physics, quantum – consciousness, self, agency – philosophy of,

see also >agency / identity - consciouness - free will - persona - positioning - socialisation 8-2-2022 New Map of Meaning in the Brain Changes Ideas About Memory -Researchers have mapped hundreds of semantic categories to the tiny bits of the cortex that represent them in our thoughts and perceptions. What they discovered might … Continue reading SCIENCE natural, physics, quantum – consciousness, self, agency – philosophy of,

David Orrell’s Quantum Money Magic – a must-read for would-be economists

book review- David Orrell's impressive, intelligent and imaginative bomb of a book is a highly recommended read for all connoisseurs of curiosity and hope and an absolute must-read for would-be economists. - Before you invest years of your time and 1000s of your dollars to practice 101 Mankiw, take time to read this book. Don't pay big bucks before you've read this quantum leap of a mind-bender destroying incumbent thought like there is a tomorrow. It'll reach parts of your quantum brain you could never code into clockwork DSGE. Read this book to reconsider the relevant marginal utilites. Especially if you are a bit of a quant, a bit nerdy or a bit curious.


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Milton Friedman’s Interest Rate Fallacy

strange positive correlation between borrowing volumes and interest rate levels? - uncreditworthy businesses are altogether excluded from global debt markets...

Neue Wirtschafts Woche – Heiner Flassbeck’s Schuldenbremse, Ulrike Herrmann zur Ampel, Quantum Ökonomik, Plurale Ökonomik, Gamm’s Geld, QE + Mehr!

Schnittstelle zwischen Wirtschafts- und Naturwissenschaften - Quantum Economics von David Orell - Ulrike Herrmann Ampelkoalition - Geld als Buchfuehrung - Paul Steinhardt zu QE - Einfuehrung zum Thema Geld

direct finance, guaranteed income, UBI

direct finance, postive money, UBI Frances Coppola ,Annie Lowrey, Guy Standing,

Why Bored Ape Avatars Are Taking Over Twitter – N.F.T. clubs are all the rage among crypto currency enthusiasts – by Kyle Chayka – 2021

source : 7/2021 Why Bored Ape Avatars Are Taking Over Twitter - N.F.T. clubs are all the rage among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Are they a get-rich-quick scheme or the future of culture? By Kyle Chayka Bored Ape Yacht Club, which launched in April, is a strange combination of gated online community, stock-shareholding group, and art-appreciation … Continue reading Why Bored Ape Avatars Are Taking Over Twitter – N.F.T. clubs are all the rage among crypto currency enthusiasts – by Kyle Chayka – 2021

housing -inequality, land, property, renting, rentier-capitalism

>inequality,inflation, housing, wages 15-4-2022 Housing Affordability Declines Nearly 23 Percent In Less Than a Year - by Mish .."...The NAR defines affordable as the degree to which a typical family can afford the monthly mortgage payments on a typical home. (affordability calculation here) ... The US Housing Affordability Index has moved down to its … Continue reading housing -inequality, land, property, renting, rentier-capitalism


book reviews -The Dawn of Everything - A New History of Humanity by David Graeber and David Wengrow - 'This is not a book. This is an intellectual feast' Nassim Nicholas Taleb - click image to read


“Greenwash? It’s the new whitener for Suits!” 5-22 businessinsider - Market Headed for Near-Biblical Reckoning in Summer from Hell 5-22 guardian - Inequality Dangerously Mis-Explained? Steven Poole reviews Oded Galor 16-2-22 bloomberg - Fund Managers Jump Into ESG Biodiversity Niche 16-5-22 Davis Kedrosky-The New Historical Economics-What does it do? Who is it for? 15-5-22 DieZeit … Continue reading Updates

Viviana A. Zelizer – sociology of money

Viviana A. Zelizer is the Lloyd Cotsen ’50 Professor of Sociology at Princeton University. She is the author of The Purchase of Intimacy, Pricing the Priceless Child, Economic Lives, Morals and Markets and more see google scholar viviana-zelizer goodreads 2017 A Dollar Is a Dollar Is Not a Dollar: Unmasking the Social and Moral Meanings of Money … Continue reading Viviana A. Zelizer – sociology of money

De-Growth – Post Growth – Post Wachstum  28/07/2021 New Zealand rated best place to survive global societal collapse - Study citing ‘perilous state’ of industrial civilisation ranks temperate islands top for resilience   by Damian Carrington The study, published in the journal Sustainability, said: “The globe-spanning, energy-intensive industrial civilisation that characterises the modern era represents an anomalous situation when it is considered against the … Continue reading De-Growth – Post Growth – Post Wachstum

economic history

see also > historical economics - history of ideas, institutional, interdisciplinary Tomas Sedlacek Die Ökonomie von Gut und Böse Die meisten unterschätzen, wie tief die Ökonomie in der Kultur verwurzelt ist. Nicht so Tomas Sedlacek. Er behauptet: “In der Ökonomie geht es um Gut und Böse. Es geht um Menschen, die Menschen Geschichten über andere … Continue reading economic history

food, farming, agriculture

Is Greenwashing the New Money Laundering?

greenwashing - updatessee alsoclimate crisis ESG’s, green finance + investmentVorsprung durch Grünwaschensustainability Not exactly. It’s not new. And it’s a lot bigger. Greenwash Guy Pearse 2012 The trillions involved are likely to dwarf the entire history of money laundering. Dig into the numbers below. But lets look on the bright sunny core of greenwashing. Unlike money … Continue reading Is Greenwashing the New Money Laundering?

ALT currencies -digital -blockchain -crypto, bitcoin , internet -big tech, -metaverse, web3

gaia0geld ALT currencies -digital -blockchain -crypto -NFT( bitcoin, diem, etc) , internet -big tech-metaverse, web3 this page this pagedigital commercial/internetupdatesinternet/web/big tech,blockchain/crypto/digital currencies, see alsogg-article/NewYorker 2021 bored-ape-avatars-taking-over-twitter- nft, crypto-currency - by Kyle Chayka AI, data, metrics alsoeco , energy, ideal, local, next currencies monetary reform    B Lietaer    M Kennedysovereign digital currencies – CBDC US/UK  monetary EU … Continue reading ALT currencies -digital -blockchain -crypto, bitcoin , internet -big tech, -metaverse, web3

SLAVE trade, slavery 2-2022 Moses Roper: the fugitive from slavery cast aside by British abolitionists - Historians argue Roper’s story could have helped end US slavery earlier but supporters turned on him 9-2021 Theorists, Strategists, and Histories of Slavery By Diana Paton "In the 1640s in the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, Maria Portogoys, … Continue reading SLAVE trade, slavery


Sammlung  zum Thema Geld(system) – historisch, philosophisch, soziologisch ,oekonomisch + Geldreformer – siehe auch : DZBG – Geld Zwischen Schleier und TabuDeGrowth auf DeutschDeutsche Heteros GeldKino“Stupid German Money” this page - top updateAutoren Geldforschung A-Z >SGeldreformer A-Z  neuere oder selektierte Artikel - update 2/2022  12/2020   Die Liquiditätsfalle: Mythos oder Realität?   Von John Maynard Keynes bis Hans-Werner Sinn: … Continue reading Geldforschung

GROWTH – ECO-CRISIS – green GdP growth, de-coupling

see also> de-growthde-growth - deutschgreen investment, ESGgreenwashingGROWTH- What Growth?GdPeco crisis - nature, biodiversityeco crisis -climateenergynatural resources - fossils 5-2021 Put Brake on Capitalism, Says Popular Marxist Book Author "This age, Anthropocene, is a geological epoch during which human economic activities are affecting the entire earth, destroying the planet. Through global capitalism, we have achieved … Continue reading GROWTH – ECO-CRISIS – green GdP growth, de-coupling

ECO crisis GROWTH, transition – Macro-economic narratives in a world of crises Emil Urhammer & Inge Røpke

ECO crisis GROWTH Macroeconomic narratives in a world of crises by Emil Urhammer & Inge Røpke Ecological Economics October 2013 - An analysis of stories about solving the system crisis download free pdf from Macroeconomic_narratives_in_a_world_of_crises Abstract - Since the financial crisis in 2008, a series of publications on macroeconomic responses to the compound crises … Continue reading ECO crisis GROWTH, transition – Macro-economic narratives in a world of crises Emil Urhammer & Inge Røpke

(im)perfect MARKETS: market power, monopoly, antitrust

see also > big tech >markets now and then, valuation  4/12/2021  Travel industry cries foul over unstoppable rise of Google  4/12/2021  Quebec’s maple syrup cartel should be sweeter  11/2021  Indra Nooyi: ‘Companies like ours are little republics’   2021/09/29  How Dominant are Big US Corporations?  Blair Fix …”I recently had a lively Twitter debate with Jonathan … Continue reading (im)perfect MARKETS: market power, monopoly, antitrust

VALUE PRICE marginal utility

Prada stores carry a few obscenely expensive items in order to boost sales for everything else (which look like bargains in comparison). People used to download music for free, then Steve Jobs convinced them to pay. How? By charging 99 cents. That price has a hypnotic effect: the profit margin of the 99 Cents Only … Continue reading VALUE PRICE marginal utility

Inflation? Inflation!

inflation always monetary? - mainstream and hetero theories of inflation, how to measure inflation - decompose observed inflation into its monetary, demand-pull, cost-push and structural components - Inflation is a monetary and redistributional phenomenon

Matthew Effect – inequality

Daniel Rigney   The Matthew Effect "The old saying does often seem to hold true: the rich get richer while the poor get poorer, creating a widening gap between those who have more and those who have less. The sociologist Robert K. Merton called this phenomenon the Matthew effect, named after a passage in the gospel … Continue reading Matthew Effect – inequality

philosophy of SCIENCE – epistemology 2022 Quantum Wittgenstein - Metaphysical debates in quantum physics don’t get at ‘truth’ – they’re nothing but a form of ritual, activity and culture ..."...As a scientist and mathematician, Wittgenstein has challenged my own tendency to seek out interpretations of phenomena that have no scientific value – and to see such explanations as nothing … Continue reading philosophy of SCIENCE – epistemology

historical economics – history of ideas, institutional, interdisciplinary

see also > economic history 16-5-2022 The New Historical Economics is Self-Aware What does it do? Who is it for? - Davis Kedrosky 5-2021 The Handbook of Historical Economics Paperback – by Alberto Bisin, Giovanni Federico History in Financial Times (Currencies: New Thinking for Financial Times) - by Amin Samman Critical theorists … Continue reading historical economics – history of ideas, institutional, interdisciplinary