Pricing the Future – Black Scholes @50

bbc 2012 Black-Scholes: The maths formula linked to the financial crash A digital invite has nudged me into a quick mini post. BLACK-SCHOLES 50TH ANNIVERSARY 14th June 2023 - free tickets here @ CQFinstitute Myron Scholes debating David Orrell on the relevant (ir)realities? Sounds attractively intriguing, not just for financial connoisseurs. Black and Scholes option … Continue reading Pricing the Future – Black Scholes @50

Bears Bearing Biblical Bust? Markets to Expect Hellish Bonfire of Corrections ?

Is a global financial crisis inevitable? Does the end of QE means recession? Only austerity can cure inflation? The correction from Hell for asset evaluations? Stocks, shares, bonds, crypto, gold now and then updates 11-2022