GROWTH – green GdP growth, green eco-capitalism, de-coupling

Annas kemtvätt economist 12-11-2022 Economic growth no longer means higher carbon emissions - As politicians gather in Egypt, a reason for optimism 15-10-2022 Energy shocks can have perverse consequences - The 1970s offer unhappy lessons for policymakers 2019 Unraveling the claims for (and against) green growth - Can the global economy grow indefinitely, … Continue reading GROWTH – green GdP growth, green eco-capitalism, de-coupling

ECO CRISIS – Climate

Aral Sea in Kazakhstan in 1984 and 2020 updates below 1-2023     4/2021  A time-lapse video feature launched by Google Earth has drawn on nearly four decades of satellite imagery to vividly illustrate how the impact of humans and climate change have affected the planet. see also > earth+land –  eco crisis – climate  - food+farming  … Continue reading ECO CRISIS – Climate

Little Big Bill’s Techno Fix

Little Bill has lent his big billionaire voice to de-coupling, the idea that traditional capitalist growth can be cleansed of its polluting effects.  Better than denial or obstruction? Absolutely. Every little helps.   But de-coupling inside a political vaccuum is kids' softplay. What matters in the adult world is the gravity of power. Just follow the money... … Continue reading Little Big Bill’s Techno Fix