us dollar – global currencies 2/4/2021 The US dollar’s hegemony is looking fragile - The modernisation of China’s exchange-rate system could deal the currency a painful blow by Kenneth Rogoff 7/2020 It Is Time to Abandon Dollar Hegemony Issuing the World’s Reserve Currency Comes at Too High a Price By Simon Tilford and Hans Kundnani  2019  WORLD CURRENCY: … Continue reading us dollar – global currencies

Monetary fiscal US UK Can Fed BoE BoC Brazil

maroonmacro 25-6-2022 Issue #53: The Origins and Evolution of the Modern Monetary System - Part 9: "Securitization" – Repo as a Driver of Securitization "Recall that there are a few fundamental innovations that have radically transformed our monetary and banking system in the post-WWII era: "Liability Management (a.k.a. “wholesale finance”) – the expansion of banking … Continue reading Monetary fiscal US UK Can Fed BoE BoC Brazil