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Check out this fresh package of Doughnut Economics - A series of four lectures covering the fundamentals of Doughnut Economics, hosted by Ubiquity University New DEAL economics see also:  


DOUGHNUT ECONOMICS - A ROADMAP FOR A THRIVING SUSTAINABLE CITY   Dr. Azmizam Abdul Rashid "... Malaysia, being an exceptionally open economy, has benefited greatly from globalisation. However, this also leaves us exposed, with external shocks contributing to previous economic crises. As an outcome, negative social impacts havebeen sorely felt, with more than 600,000 people reported … Continue reading DOUGHNUT ECONOMICS Malaysia A A Rashid

Kate Raworth youtube 2022 Introduction to Regenerative and Distributive Design youtube 2019 Doughnut Economics Action Lab youtube 2017  Change the Goal - 1/7 Doughnut Economics Doughnut Economics updates (14/2022)                   scroll down for book, articles and reviews 2018 economist-kate-raworth-gave-the-most-compelling-design-talk-at-ted-about-doughnuts/ Oxfam LSE   How can a Book Change the … Continue reading Kate Raworth