GMpage/article 2020 the challenge of reclaiming the commons from capitalism – Dirk Philipsen 9-2020 Is data nonrivalrous? Will Rinehart A recent paper published in the American Economic Review has reignited interest in data property rights. In “Nonrivalry and the Economics of Data,” economists Charles I. Jones and Christopher Tonetti generate insights on data property regimes … Continue reading THE COMMONS – PUBLIC GOOD

AI, data, metrics

Antikythera 50BC  about see also > digital commercial currencies- big tech, crypto, web AIdata/ metrics/ stats - social scienceAI/surveillance/targets/performanceALT socio eco metrics/ ESG data/accounting > AI / faulty system / surveillance 15-2-2022 The innocent have paid a high price for the Post Office scandal. The guilty have not - It was the word of … Continue reading AI, data, metrics

The Nobel Poor

One reason to celebrate this year's prize is that it went to a woman, albeit shared with two men.  Professor Duflo is only the second ever female economist to get the chance to feel humbled by this ultimate gong. The first was Elinor Ostrom in 2009. Funnily enough, history may well judge Ostrom's work on … Continue reading The Nobel Poor