Eric Lonergan

gg/caw 2020: For me Lonergan's Money remains the best very short&slim moneybook. But as the unsually polarised goodread reviews sugggest, this book is best read at just the right time on one's money learning curve. Conceptually he covers more than one may have bargained for in just 150 pages but Lonergan manages to weave his … Continue reading Eric Lonergan

QE3 : The Board Members’ Memo

"If you are looking for intent AND stupidity, look at governments" World Citizen on Mishtalk. I call this this post QE3 because it turns out to be my third one on this topic. "End of (His)story" was the first. Not that I realised. I was just poking fun at all the defunct economics (1) implict … Continue reading QE3 : The Board Members’ Memo