AGGREGATES – Hayek on Keynes    2012   Mr. Keynes’s Aggregates  Concealing the mechanisms of change.   by   Steven Horwitz One of F. A. Hayek’s most accurate, and oft-repeated, lines about John Maynard Keynes comes from a review of Keynes’s 1930 book, A Treatise on Money.  Hayek wrote: “Mr. Keynes’ aggregates conceal the most fundamental mechanisms of change.”  That Austrian macroeconomics … Continue reading AGGREGATES – Hayek on Keynes

Monetary fiscal US UK Can Fed BoE BoC Brazil

updated 9-2022 9-2022 Could China’s Yuan replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s dominant currency? Here’s how the Asian nation's trade supremacy is rapidly boosting its reserve status - by Vishesh Raisinghani ..."... The U.S. dollar displaced the pound just as America gained economic superiority over Britain. More than 75% of global transactions have … Continue reading Monetary fiscal US UK Can Fed BoE BoC Brazil