Autumn fashion? ESG passé, bear costumes en vogue... the illusion of housing wealth 27-11-2023 UK's top rich are the most expensive top 1% group in Europe 11-2023 Business consultants in intensive care? 26-11-23 Housing wealth is meaningless, destructive and entrenches inequality? 24-11-23 Odyssey Of The Hydrogen Fleet: A Tragicomedy 24-11-23 Motor emissions could have fallen … Continue reading Updates

Real World Economics Review Out Now

This review serves up some excellent articles, including CasP's Blair Fix on the "Ritual of Capitalisation", John Komlos on the US economy, and Radhika Desai with Michael Hudson on the "Dollar Creditocracy". But it is Ib Ravn's "educational" article on banking, money creation and credit money that stands out as a uniquely comprehensible introduction to the real existing money system. Highly recommended!

MONEY – the true story of a made up thing – by JACOB GOLDSTEIN

This crisp little pick 'n' mix history of money by Jacob Goldstein  makes for an easy, entertaining read. As gripping as a money book can be it has the light touch of journalistic storytelling, veined by vivid vignettes and sorted around some refreshingly newish themes. Like China's paper money phase or a chapter on John … Continue reading MONEY – the true story of a made up thing – by JACOB GOLDSTEIN

Crisis? What Crisis!

"Almost no chance of a recession this year", concludes Barron's roundtable, "markets will gain despite looming risks."  "Recession has been "priced out in a rally for the record books" booms bloomberg and forbes feels that now "only the perennial bears believe" in a 2020 recession. Investors "go into the new decade with a spring in … Continue reading Crisis? What Crisis!

D Orrell Quantum Economics – critical main-streamers

David Orrell  Quantum Economics, 2019, p 238   The penny drops While ... many mainstream economists have continued to make excuses for their epic forecasting miss , not all have been so sanguine . George Akerlof and Robert Shiller wrote in their 2015 Phishing for Phools : ‘ It is truly remarkable that so few economists … Continue reading D Orrell Quantum Economics – critical main-streamers