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energy - selected/featured - see also alt+green techno 2020 The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations by Daniel Yergin researchgate 2017 The Degrowth Imperative: Reducing Energy and Resource Consumption as an Essential Component in Achieving Carbon Budget Targets - by John Wiseman, Samuel Alexander 2017 Energy and Civilization: A History … Continue reading ENERGY

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London Museum of Neoliberalism - Neo-Lib Google Gallery see also > history real existing capitalism > NEO LIBERALISM - GLOBALISATION - HISTORY - POLITICS - US - BUSINESS - ECONOMICS - WASHINGTON CONSENSUS - Mark-Fisher - John N.Gray neo-liberalism - featured/selected - updates here gg/pdf 2022 Neoliberal Totalitarianism and the Social Contract - … Continue reading real existing capitalism – neo liberalism, globalisation

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Schwarze Null Vergiftet Europa

In einem Artikel vor dem Euro Gipfel  schlagen die deutschen Finanz- und Außenminister Olaf Scholz und Heiko Maas flexible ESM-Anpassungen  und einen paneuropäischen Garantiefonds vor, um "sehr schnell, unkompliziert und im nötigen Umfang ... gezielte Hilfe zu leisten."    Lesen Sie hier den ganzen Artikel Die Minister scheinen einen "möglichen komplexen Kompromiss" vorzuschlagen, wie Adam … Continue reading Schwarze Null Vergiftet Europa

Creditors Kill Europe

In a pre-summit article, German finance and foreign ministers Olaf Scholz and Heiko Maas  suggest flexible ESM adjustments to provide  "quick and targeted relief... (and) ... a pan-European guarantee fund to secure loans ... (so)  the European Investment Bank (EIB) would ensure liquidity for small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU countries." read the whole … Continue reading Creditors Kill Europe

GROWTH! What Growth?

GROWTH! What Growth? intro/featured/selected – Growth!WhatGrowth?updates here - +here Alf Hornborg writes in his article “How to turn an ocean liner”:  “Although soon reduced to a heterodox and marginalized position, the critique of growth has continued to challenge mainstream dogmas of economics and policy for over four decades. Countless debates have raged on what exactly is the problem … Continue reading GROWTH! What Growth?

QE3 : The Board Members’ Memo

"If you are looking for intent AND stupidity, look at governments" World Citizen on Mishtalk. I call this this post QE3 because it turns out to be my third one on this topic. "End of (His)story" was the first. Not that I realised. I was just poking fun at all the defunct economics (1) implict … Continue reading QE3 : The Board Members’ Memo