Vorsprung durch Grünwasch

Ersparen Sie Grün? Im ewigen Kampf um die relative Kapitalisierung freut Bloomberg sich am Reputationsschaden einer populären Deutschen Grünwaschanlage. Trotz Kreditschwemme ist der Job der Vermögensverwalter nicht einfacher geworden. Der Anleger erwartet zwar Bitcoinartige Gewinne, möchte aber nicht mehr im Sklavenhandel stecken, zumindest nicht wissentlich, da das zu unangenehmen Schlafstörungen führt. Sklavenfreier Zucker? So versprechen … Continue reading Vorsprung durch Grünwasch

Cop-out CoP and the elephant in the room

I am copping out of my CoP post. I am way off target. Instead of editing my article reviews I got lost in a meandering mishmash of a maybe essay on money, value and growth. Like "Growth! What Growth?" Trying to think (too) big was probably inspired by the Dawn of Everything. I've had too … Continue reading Cop-out CoP and the elephant in the room

WASTE – product destruction, recycling

see also > Plastics -infinite-plastic-meets-systemic-inelasticity product destruction independent.co.uk/ 24/6/2021 Greta Thunberg blasts Amazon for destroying thousands of unsold items in a week: ‘Something is fundamentally wrong’ - ‘If you have a system where this possible — and even profitable — that’s a clear sign that something is fundamentally wrong’ Celine Wadhera itv.com/ 21/6/2021-06-21/amazon-destroying-millions-of-items-of-unsold-stock-in-one-of-its-uk-warehouses-every-year-itv-news-investigation-finds Richard Pallot … Continue reading WASTE – product destruction, recycling

Greta, Mnuchin and PlanB

A year ago, when The Virus was still a fuzzy rumour,  one was already plagued by the puzzle of the three zeros :  the skeletal numbers of no interest and near nil inflation lined up for a danse macabre around the grave of zombie growth. Never seen this before. This is different. This can't be … Continue reading Greta, Mnuchin and PlanB

ECO CRISIS – Climate

Aral Sea in Kazakhstan in 1984 and 2020 updates 8-2023 below itv.com/     4/2021  A time-lapse video feature launched by Google Earth has drawn on nearly four decades of satellite imagery to vividly illustrate how the impact of humans and climate change have affected the planet. see also > earth+land – eco crisis – climate  - food+farming  –  oceans - … Continue reading ECO CRISIS – Climate

Little Big Bill’s Techno Fix

Little Bill has lent his big billionaire voice to de-coupling, the idea that traditional capitalist growth can be cleansed of its polluting effects.  Better than denial or obstruction? Absolutely. Every little helps.   But de-coupling inside a political vaccuum is kids' softplay. What matters in the adult world is the gravity of power. Just follow the money... … Continue reading Little Big Bill’s Techno Fix

The Limits To Greta

Greta has docked in Lisbon and is on her way to Madrid. Presumably by train. Most will cheer her on.   Many will not.  Some rather see her drowned like an inconvenient truth. Or hung like a false prophet. Some are annoyed. Some have reservations. And some are changing their minds. I was about Greta Thunberg's … Continue reading The Limits To Greta