Zwickmühle Wachstum – Zwischen Zwang und Untergang?

Das Ende des Kapitalismus - Warum Wachstum und Klimaschutz nicht vereinbar sind – von Ulrike Herrmann - Rezension, Buchbesprechung - Buchkritik - BIP - Degrowth - Entkopplung - Grünes Wachstum - Kapitalismus - Kreislaufwirtschaft - Klimawandel - Klimakrise - Nachhaltigkeit - PostWachstum

Wachstum? Nein Danke! DeGrowth und die vielfältigen Wirklichkeiten der Postwachstumstheorie

Welches Wachstum? BIP Wachstum, nachhaltig, gruen, oeko, Post Wachstum - degrowth - Ist Wachstumsrücknahme die einzige Form nachhaltigen Wachstums? Wir besuchen die vie % irklichkeiten der Postwachstumstheorie. The future Is degrowth: A guide to a world beyond capitalism - by Matthias Schmelzer, Andrea Vetter, Aaron Vansintjan

What Growth? DeGrowth!

Part of series on Growth! What Growth? The Future Is Degrowth: A Guide to a World beyond Capitalism – by Matthias Schmelzer, Andrea Vetter , Aaron Vansintjan. The book explores the origins, sub-currents, and evolution of degrowth, as well as the solutions it offers for the future.

What Growth? Eco-Capitalism, Green GdP Growth, Decoupling

What Growth? Eco-Capitalism, Green GdP Growth, Decoupling - Alessio Terzi's Growth for Good and Adrienne Buller's The Value of a Whale

Growth! What Growth? Growth, Degrowth or Post-Growth?

Growth by Trussonomics may be history repeating a farce as a tragedy. But aggregate GDP-growth continues to be widely regarded as an absolute necessity. The recent article "Growth, Degrowth or Post-growth?" makes for a uniquely clear historical exposition of the positions around the critique of economic GdP-growth and its potential alternatives.

Growth! Growth! Growth! Wrong? Wrong? Wrong?

Freeports, fracking and trickle-down tax cuts wrapped in workfare austerity? Liz Truss latest Ode to Growth sounded so out of tune with realities, even the money markets didn't know if they should laugh or cry at this eye-wateringly incompetent re-hash of 1980's neolibbery. Neither FT nor Economist were amused, and the polls seemed to be … Continue reading Growth! Growth! Growth! Wrong? Wrong? Wrong?

Capital in the Anthropocene – by Saito Kohei

Kohei-Saito updates here 2-2022 Japanese scholar looks to Marx's theory to explain pandemic, climate change - by Iwasaki Atsuko A Japanese academic has penned a surprise bestseller that is prompting a new generation of readers to consider the ideas of German philosopher Karl Marx. Saito Kohei says Marx's ideas in his late years tell … Continue reading Capital in the Anthropocene – by Saito Kohei

The Delusion of Infinite Economic Growth – Chirag Dhara + Vandana Singh – 2021

Even “sustainable” technology such as electric vehicles and wind turbines faces physical limits and exacts environmental costs - By Chirag Dhara, Vandana Singh on June 20, 2021 source: Credit: Getty Images The electric vehicle (EV) has become one of the great modern symbols of a world awakened to the profound challenges of unsustainability and climate change. So much so … Continue reading The Delusion of Infinite Economic Growth – Chirag Dhara + Vandana Singh – 2021

DEGROWTH – ALT-, non GDP- post-growth – updates

updates here see also 2021 degrowth-auf-deutsch/ 2020 decroissance-for-xmas-anyone/ 2020 greta +g rowth 2019 stiglitz-wants-gdp-retired/ climate crisis eco crisis ecological economics energy Greenwash Green Finance/Investment/ESG Growth! What Growth? natural resources Pluriverse Post -capitalist, -colonial, -growth sustainability degrowth updates 8-2023 gg/pdf 2016-2023 "A wealth of possibilities: Alternatives to growth" by Aaron Vansintjan This study, commissioned … Continue reading DEGROWTH – ALT-, non GDP- post-growth – updates

The “Selling” of DeGrowth – or how to soft sell the hardest sale ever – by John Feffer

source: John Feffer 2021 , originally published 20-12-2021 by Foreign Policy In Focus GaiaMoney is revisiting DeGrowth for Xmas with John Feffer's question: "Can those who advocate hitting the brakes on economic growth get their message across before it’s too late?" "Over the last three decades, a growing number of scientists and ecologists have argued … Continue reading The “Selling” of DeGrowth – or how to soft sell the hardest sale ever – by John Feffer

Post Pandemic

see also DeGrowth-auf-deutsch DeGrowth De-Growth – Post Growth – Post Wachstum Growth! What growth? GDP eco crisis climate crisis  energy sustainability resources ggm/pdf 2020 Figuring out how to live in a post-pandemic world by Christopher Ryan Maboloc This investigation looks into important questions in a post-pandemic world. Humans are resilient beings who have overcome … Continue reading Post Pandemic

Oeconomia oder die ewig wachsende Schuld des Geldes

Genial surft Carmen Losmann die Lernkurve des Geldes Die 2009 Krise machte die Filmemacherin neugierig. Kuriosität im Rücken, macht sie sich auf die Reise. Da war Sie nicht die einzige. Auch ich gehöre zu einer seither massiv gewachsenen Kohorte neuerer Geldforscher. Neuere Geldforschung Losmann's Erkenntnistrip hat allerdings was besonderes. Statt akademische Experten oder Geldreformer zu … Continue reading Oeconomia oder die ewig wachsende Schuld des Geldes

Tipping Points

Today the news fed me two tipping points for the price of one : Amazonia and plastics. How do climate tipping points happen? Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly."

Infinite Plastic Pollution Meets Systemic Inelasticity

-gaiageld- Unmissable Fantastic Plastic Video! this page/post post top introductions updates plastic realities plastic export micro plastics plastics costs plastic production ALTernative plastic futures see also  >Greenwashing  >Growth! What Growth?   > Pollution >Sustainability Plastic waste? In the 1970’s economists typically dismissed the “Limits to Growth” report as “worthless science” and “ignorance masquerading as knowledge”. … Continue reading Infinite Plastic Pollution Meets Systemic Inelasticity

Is Greenwashing the New Money Laundering?

greenwashing - updates see also climate crisis  ESG’s, green finance + investment Vorsprung durch Grünwaschen sustainability Not exactly. It’s not new. And it’s a lot bigger. Greenwash Guy Pearse 2012 The trillions involved are likely to dwarf the entire history of money laundering. Dig into the numbers below. But lets look on the bright sunny … Continue reading Is Greenwashing the New Money Laundering?

diversity 101 = pluriverse

    endorsements A way to understanding an alternative future. – Juliet Schor, Sociology, Boston College A book of dazzling breadth, provocative and persuasive scholarship. – Sylvia Marcos, Mexican feminist activist and scholar For too long the North has imposed its one-size-fits-all agenda on the South. – Dan O’Neill, economist, University of Leeds This Dictionary … Continue reading diversity 101 = pluriverse

GROWTH – green GdP growth, green eco-capitalism, de-coupling

Annas kemtvätt 2-2023 "Limits to Growth” Has Become the Enemy of Climate Solutions - We need to get our priorities in order - by Anthony Signorelli ..."Humanity is living on the edge of ecological devastation. We confront many serious problems, especially the overuse of resources. ...The overwhelming nature of this list of problems leads … Continue reading GROWTH – green GdP growth, green eco-capitalism, de-coupling

SUSTAINABILITY – eco- green- de-GROWTH -alt ESG -transition

85% are thinking about it see also >DeGrowth  >Growth! What Growth?  >Ecological Economics - Greenwashing   >Green Finance/Investment/ESG - development economics - transition updates 1-2023 26-1-2023 "Mathematics for Humanity" by John Carlos Baez We discussed this here earlier, but now it’s actually happening! The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, or ICMS, in Edinburgh, will host a new … Continue reading SUSTAINABILITY – eco- green- de-GROWTH -alt ESG -transition

ECO crisis GROWTH, transition – Macro-economic narratives in a world of crises Emil Urhammer & Inge Røpke

ECO crisis GROWTH Macroeconomic narratives in a world of crises by Emil Urhammer & Inge Røpke Ecological Economics October 2013 - An analysis of stories about solving the system crisis download free pdf from Macroeconomic_narratives_in_a_world_of_crises Abstract - Since the financial crisis in 2008, a series of publications on macroeconomic responses to the compound crises … Continue reading ECO crisis GROWTH, transition – Macro-economic narratives in a world of crises Emil Urhammer & Inge Røpke

Banking on Values

"A fool is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing". Central banker Mark Carney has diagnosed a crisis in value(s). He doesn't just mean prices being misaligned with values as in frothy asset overvaluations. That's just a symptom of a deeper malaise. The central idea of his book, says the … Continue reading Banking on Values

Little Big Bill’s Techno Fix

Little Bill has lent his big billionaire voice to de-coupling, the idea that traditional capitalist growth can be cleansed of its polluting effects.  Better than denial or obstruction? Absolutely. Every little helps.   But de-coupling inside a political vaccuum is kids' softplay. What matters in the adult world is the gravity of power. Just follow the money... … Continue reading Little Big Bill’s Techno Fix

Mariana Mazzucato on a Mission

Mariana Mazzucato updates - “Mission Economy”, "The Big Con" - articles, interviews, reviews , videos - auch auf deutsch

degrowth auf deutsch

DeGrowth verbreitet  sich auch in Deutschland als BewegungsBegriff für Nachhaltigkeit und  PostWachstum. Niko Paech hat " Deutschland den Begriff der „Postwachstumsökonomie“ geprägt und gilt als vehementer Verfechter der Wachstumskritik."(wikipedia) Und mit Maja Göpel hat das Land der Grünen eine  Raworth&Nickel  kombinierende Ueberfrau und Videostar. Ihr Bestseller wurde selten breit gelobt (siehe unten) Viel Info und Artkel zum … Continue reading degrowth auf deutsch

DeGrowth or Décroissance anyone? (not just for Xmas)

degrowth updates here Décroissance, or degrowth, is a story of hope amidst adversity. Just like Xmas. Born of the adversities of a poisoned and plundered planet, degrowthers say "No! No More! Let's get out of the Old National Market Hall of Sickly Scarcity and into the New Global Banquet Hall of Happy Abundance... Yes, contrary … Continue reading DeGrowth or Décroissance anyone? (not just for Xmas)

Wiedergeburt der Politischen Oekonomie?

"Die Wertedebatte - Wie fünf Ökonominnen Wirtschaft und Politik neu verbinden."    In einem erfrischenden Deutschlandfunk Artikel serviert Antje Schrupp einen gut sortierten Ausblick über den Tellerrand des wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Mainstreams. Sehr empfehlenswert! "Diese fünf Ökonominnen entrümpeln die Wirtschaftswissenschaften von alten Glaubenssätzen und entwickeln neue Theorien für das 21. Jahrhundert : Mariana Mazzucato,  Kate Raworth,  Esther … Continue reading Wiedergeburt der Politischen Oekonomie?

GROWTH Socio ecological transformation Ulrich Brand Markus Wissen

Growth - De-Growth Social-ecological transformationUlrich BrandUniversity of Vienna, AustriaMarkus WissenBerlin School of Economics and Law, Germany Social-ecological transformation is an umbrellaterm which describes political, socioeconomic,and cultural shifts resulting from attempts toaddress the socioecological crisis. Under thisconceptual and epistemic heading, such terms asgreen, great or social-ecological transition, greator societal transformation, green economy, andsociotechnical transition have increasingly … Continue reading GROWTH Socio ecological transformation Ulrich Brand Markus Wissen

The Limits to Greta 3

Spectrum of Denial "... 2019 was in many ways, for many of us, Year Zero. It was the year many of us stopped disassociating, woke up and realised the party is over.” The postcard from Sydney is a reminder that you can have months of unprecedented bushfires and still reject global warming as a hoax … Continue reading The Limits to Greta 3

GROWTH! What Growth?

GROWTH! What Growth? intro/featured/selected  Growth!WhatGrowth? updates here + ALT-, De-, non- GDP- post-Growth updates here Alf Hornborg writes in his article “How to turn an ocean liner”:  “Although soon reduced to a heterodox and marginalized position, the critique of growth has continued to challenge mainstream dogmas of economics and policy for over four decades. Countless debates have … Continue reading GROWTH! What Growth?

Stiglitz wants GDP retired