David Orrell’s Quantum Money Magic – a must-read for would-be economists

book review- David Orrell's impressive, intelligent and imaginative bomb of a book is a highly recommended read for all connoisseurs of curiosity and hope and an absolute must-read for would-be economists. - Before you invest years of your time and 1000s of your dollars to practice 101 Mankiw, take time to read this book. Don't pay big bucks before you've read this quantum leap of a mind-bender destroying incumbent thought like there is a tomorrow. It'll reach parts of your quantum brain you could never code into clockwork DSGE. Read this book to reconsider the relevant marginal utilites. Especially if you are a bit of a quant, a bit nerdy or a bit curious.

What happens when The Economist tries to escape from the Equilibrium Academy

DSGE Departures In one of its daring trips beyond the walls of orthodoxy The Economist is indulging in a historic turn, reflecting that "Strangely, most economic models do not treat the economy as an evolving thing, undergoing constant change. They instead describe it in terms of its equilibrium: a stable state in which prices balance … Continue reading What happens when The Economist tries to escape from the Equilibrium Academy

William Lazonick – hetero macro

x  x more Lazonick books at goodreads William Lazonick  SOAS UL AcademicIndustryResearchNetwork Related  >M Mazzucato   >pluralist macro ineteconomics.org/perspectives/blog/  2019  After Over Three Decades, Rebel Economist Breaks Through to Washington. Here’s How He Did It.    by Lynn Parramore Ever heard that a corporation’s sole duty is to maximize value for shareholders? In the go-go ‘80s, … Continue reading William Lazonick – hetero macro

MACRO 33 theses for an economic reformation

33 theses for an economic reformation 2017 theguardian 2017 heretics-welcome-economics-needs-a-new-reformation by Larry Elliot theguardian  2017  delving-deeper-into-an-economics-reformation  -  letters https://www.newweather.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/33-Theses-for-an-Economics-Reformation.pdf --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     coppolacomment.com    2017   Thirty-three flawed Theses   Frances Coppola " ... this is my critique of the whole 33 Theses. Instead of homing in on areas where the economics profession appears have to lost its … Continue reading MACRO 33 theses for an economic reformation