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How woke is wokism?

“The University of Glasgow has been accused of capitulating to “wokeism” after it called off a talk by an academic whose research was said to be “eugenicist”.”   The Times brimming with liberal indignation is a bit rich.  But only as rich as the typical incumbents’ complaints. Which is understandable. One is worried one is losing one’s grip on … Continue reading How woke is wokism?

What’s the Economist’s Point of View? Adam Martin

By Adam Martin A Liberty Classic Book Review of The Economic Point of View: An Essay on the History of Economic Thought, by Israel Kirzner. Excerpts: The narrative arc of Kirzner’s biography of economic science is the gradual shift from the study of wealth to the logic of human action. Understanding economics as the … Continue reading What’s the Economist’s Point of View? Adam Martin