Hyman P. Minsky

Review of Evolutionary Political Economy   2020  Was Hyman Minsky a post-Keynesian economist?   by Marc Lavoieesses "...  The paper recollects the main features of Minsky’s financial instability hypothesis that became so popular in the aftermath of the failure of Lehman’s Brothers despite having been totally ignored by mainstream economists until then. It also recalls other important contributions … Continue reading Hyman P. Minsky

Head Scratching Inflation

"Inflation ... has left many observers scratching their heads as to why the current level ...  does not match the current state of the real economy ..."  said ex ECB board member Sabine Lautenschläger in a recent speech.   The Economist discerns "strange new rules", devotes a  special report to "The End of Inflation?" and concludes that inflation is … Continue reading Head Scratching Inflation