Real World Economics Review Out Now

This review serves up some excellent articles, including CasP's Blair Fix on the "Ritual of Capitalisation", John Komlos on the US economy, and Radhika Desai with Michael Hudson on the "Dollar Creditocracy". But it is Ib Ravn's "educational" article on banking, money creation and credit money that stands out as a uniquely comprehensible introduction to the real existing money system. Highly recommended!

Richard A.Werner Richard A. Werner - Richard A Werner updates - 1-2023 youtube 9-2022 The Case for Abundance: High Sustainable Growth and Prosperity Are Possible — Why Don’t We Get Them? - by Richard Werner - SORA Economic Forum 2022 keynote speaker Professor Richard Werner #SORAnomics #centralbanking #DeFi ⚡️"If you objectively check the relationship … Continue reading Richard A.Werner