Breaking Old News: HIERARCHY REDISTRIBUTES INCOME – US Inequality for Quants – by Blair Fix

Watch Blair Fix talk about how corporate hierarchies create income inequality, and make the rich get richer. "This paper explores the idea that the (re)distribution of top incomes is uniform because it is shaped by a ubiquitous feature of social life, namely hierarchy. Using a model first developed by Herbert Simon and Harold Lydall, I show … Continue reading Breaking Old News: HIERARCHY REDISTRIBUTES INCOME – US Inequality for Quants – by Blair Fix

The Addictive Profits of Pain

Sacklers banale sadism - has US capitalism gone masochistic? US pharma, opioid crisis, health, Oxycontin – reviews, articles, books

Confirmed: QE feeds Matthew Effect

Breaking Old News - QE really does feed Matthew effect!  Following bankers' earlier observations we now have official mainstream confirmation that  "softer monetary policy increases inequality." Not just in the US.  A fresh study by A.L. Anderson etal  provides "... new evidence on the distributional effects of monetary policy based on detailed administrative household-level data. The … Continue reading Confirmed: QE feeds Matthew Effect

Historical effects of shocks on inequality: the great leveler revisited

Fresh of the research press : Looks Milanovic didn't disaggregate enough ?     17/4/2021   Historical effects of shocks on inequality: the great leveler revisited - Bas van Bavel , Marten Scheffer Abstract - Inequality of wealth and its associated power has varied greatly over human history. It is often thought that the main levelers … Continue reading Historical effects of shocks on inequality: the great leveler revisited

State of the Planet

“Transformative changes are now necessary" says the Nobel report. Will the event be a spectacle of technological inventions? Would be nice to see some monetary innovations, too. Just follow the money ...  our planet our future - solutions sessions On day three of the Nobel Prize Summit our partners will be hosting events that … Continue reading State of the Planet

Code of Capital – Quinn Slobodian -W.Mattli,K.Pistor,S.Zuboff

The Code of Capital: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality Three new books paint a chilling portrait of darkness in Wall Street, the law, and technology. But the apocalyptic metaphors obscure the real problem, hindering how we fight back. review of Walter Mattli, Katharina Pistor and Shoshana Zuboff by QUINN SLOBODIAN ..." ...Mapping such … Continue reading Code of Capital – Quinn Slobodian -W.Mattli,K.Pistor,S.Zuboff


GM posts/pages on inequality 3/2021   Fed's QE feeds Matthew Effect6/2020  The Unequal Mr Picketty4/2020   Covid : Billionaires Chip In A TrillionBranco  Milanovic  Inequality articles etc updated 11/2021 D Graeber, D Wengrow, Dawn of Everything  2021  Ch 1 Farewell to Humanity’s Childhood: Or, why this is not a book about the origins of inequality The political … Continue reading INEQUALITY

The Unequal Mr Picketty                    TheRulesOrg    2013  Global Wealth Inequality - What you never knew you never knew    update here    WID   2018   World Inequality Report politizane   2012   Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality … Continue reading The Unequal Mr Picketty

Billionaires Chip In A Trillion

Speaking for the  The Giving Pledge campaign group, Bill Gates has announced their plan to make an unprecedented contribution to the current crisis. The aim is to commit 10% of their wealth to help all those who are falling through the net of the current rescue packages, including all the victims in poorer countries. The campaign … Continue reading Billionaires Chip In A Trillion

Crisis? What Crisis!

"Almost no chance of a recession this year", concludes Barron's roundtable, "markets will gain despite looming risks."  "Recession has been "priced out in a rally for the record books" booms bloomberg and forbes feels that now "only the perennial bears believe" in a 2020 recession. Investors "go into the new decade with a spring in … Continue reading Crisis? What Crisis!

Branco Milanovic

"Milanovic’s work is still the most detailed study of global inequality to date and should be read by all proponents of post-capitalist democracy..." Boris Frankel