ALT BITCOIN – deciphering crypto J Norrington

ALTcurrencies CRYPTO, BITCOIN, BLOCKCHAIN, DIGITAL Deciphering crypto - blockchain is breaking and remaking the financial system 25/3/2021 By James Norrington Like ground-breaking music, bitcoin has lost its mystique by going mainstream, but the early crypto pioneers have inspired a movement. The blockchain technology cryptocurrencies are based on promises to smash and remould the internet and … Continue reading ALT BITCOIN – deciphering crypto J Norrington

MMT Modern Monetary Theory

MMT portal page - fiscal, macro. monetary - updates below - see also 1/2021 De-facto MMT disequilibrating DSGE ? 9/202o German Economist Seess MMT Across the Sea 9/2019 Apropos of MMT 2/2019 MMT and Millennial Socialism US/UK  Monetary/Fiscal EURO Monetary/Fiscal MMT - updates - 1-2023 14-1-2023 Er will die MMT entzaubern, entzaubert aber nur … Continue reading MMT Modern Monetary Theory