TRADE history, myths + realities

see also pre historyneolithic to ancientancient to classicclassic-to-moderntrade historyslave tradehidden-history upates 3-2022 23-3-2022 Free to trade efficiency? by Peter Radford Fascinating. The war in Europe is messing with some major preconceptions and exposing some as illusions that, perhaps, we would be better off without. Take, for instance, The Economist magazine’s leader article entitled “Trading with the … Continue reading TRADE history, myths + realities

“Digital Corrections – will crypto save capitalism, and the FED ?”

The FED has no way of re-balancing or raising rates without crashing the markets. The FED doesn't want to take the blame. Not again. Even though the markets are crying out for a correction.  There is no discipline. The level of incontinence is unprecedented. QE has got to stop. But how? One would like new … Continue reading “Digital Corrections – will crypto save capitalism, and the FED ?”

optimal growth :Keynes, Ramsey and Bliss   2020  Janeway on Ramsey and Keynes: A Comment     By Lance Taylor and William Janeway excerpt: Optimal growth Nowadays, Ramsey’s 1928 paper on “A Mathematical Theory of Saving” is seen as the launch pad for the theory of optimal economic growth. In fact, the Cold War has the stronger claim. In the late … Continue reading optimal growth :Keynes, Ramsey and Bliss


monetary phenomenology portal page on INFLATION inflation - What is it? gm pages, posts updated articles 8-2022 Inflation – what is it ? Milton Friedman told us: “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon”. But is it? QE-forever seems to suggest this can’t be right. Freedman’s inflation has been in trouble.  But has it? So … Continue reading INFLATION

MMT Modern Monetary Theory

MMT portal page - updated library of articles, books, videos, posts and pages on 1/2021 De-facto MMT disequilibrating DSGE ?9/202o German Economist Sees MMT MMT Across the Sea9/2019 Apropos of MMT2/2019 MMT and Millennial SocialismUS/UK  Monetary/FiscalEURO Monetary/Fiscal MMT/monetary fiscal articles   (updated 4/2022)   scroll or use ctrl+f  to search for topics or names 3-2022 Das … Continue reading MMT Modern Monetary Theory