Rehab Anyone? Ann Pettifor on going cold turkey as Lords poke into QE

"The only way to call time on QE, if that is what we truly want, is to deconstruct and then reconstruct, regulate and stabilise the whole financial system, so that the extraordinary privilege of credit creation is always balanced by a responsibility not to take undue risks." Ann Pettifor

DEBT past present future public private crisis

featured/intro updates below see also >Ann Pettifor >Michael Hudson >David Graeber 2022 "A theory of debt is basically a theory of everything" - Andrew J. Douglas debt updates 12-2023 27-11-2023 The Great Simplification Ahead - “Until debt tear us apart” - by B There is no denying that a major economic downturn is … Continue reading DEBT past present future public private crisis

De facto MMT disequilibrating DSGE ?

Turns out Peter Bofinger is not the only  German economist who can  see MMT across the sea.  There is at least one other.  Maybe more to follow? "Say it quietly, but Germany has learnt the lessons of Keynes," argues Thorvaldur Gylfason. Mind you, he is talking fiscal largesse, not ECB money.  In the "we are … Continue reading De facto MMT disequilibrating DSGE ?