real existing capitalism – neo liberalism

London Museum of Neoliberalism - Neo-Lib Google Gallery see also > history real existing capitalism > NEO LIBERALISM - GLOBALISATION - HISTORY - POLITICS - US - BUSINESS - ECONOMICS - WASHINGTON CONSENSUS - Mark-Fisher - John N.Gray neo-liberalism - featured/selected - updates 9-2022 here google/de 11-2021 Globalismus und Demokratie - Politische Ökonomie im … Continue reading real existing capitalism – neo liberalism

Inflation? Inflation!

inflation always monetary? - mainstream and hetero theories of inflation, how to measure inflation - decompose observed inflation into its monetary, demand-pull, cost-push and structural components - Inflation is a monetary and redistributional phenomenon

MACRO next paradigm, hetero + pluralist

MACROnext - contents : hetero blogs  hetero associations, networks, organisations hetero commentary on mainstream textbooks rethink, reconstruct, reform > pluralist economics  history, philosohpy + sociology of economics    Heterodox economics is any economic thought or theory that contrasts with orthodox schools of economic thought, or that may be beyond neoclassical economics.  These include institutional, evolutionary, … Continue reading MACRO next paradigm, hetero + pluralist