Bears Bearing Biblical Bust? Markets to Expect Hellish Summer of Corrections ?

Are the Markets crashing for Real? - Bear territory awaits with near biblical reckoning from Hell? money markets now and then updates 17-6-2022

Poland Exits EU

"In the hierarchy of law the EU Treaty sits below the Polish constitution just like any other ratified international contract." Polish Constituional Court 7/10/2021 "In der Hierarchy der Gesetzesquellen steht der EU Vertrag im Polnischen Rechtssystem unter der Polnischen Verfassung, wie jeder andere ratifizierte internationale Vertrag auch."Polnisches Verfassungsgericht 7/10/2021 Wow! I wonder why some Supreme … Continue reading Poland Exits EU

QE3 : The Board Members’ Memo

"If you are looking for intent AND stupidity, look at governments" World Citizen on Mishtalk. I call this this post QE3 because it turns out to be my third one on this topic. "End of (His)story" was the first. Not that I realised. I was just poking fun at all the defunct economics (1) implict … Continue reading QE3 : The Board Members’ Memo