Viviana A. Zelizer – sociology of money

Viviana A. Zelizer is the Lloyd Cotsen ’50 Professor of Sociology at Princeton University. She is the author of The Purchase of Intimacy, Pricing the Priceless Child, Economic Lives, Morals and Markets and more see google scholar viviana-zelizer goodreads 2017 A Dollar Is a Dollar Is Not a Dollar: Unmasking the Social and Moral Meanings of Money … Continue reading Viviana A. Zelizer – sociology of money

ALT currencies -digital -blockchain -crypto, bitcoin, big tech, internet -social media -web3 -metaverse

gaia0geld ALT currencies -digital -blockchain -crypto -NFT( bitcoin, diem, etc) , internet -big tech- metaverse, web3 this page >tiktok digital commercial/internet updates internet/web/big tech, blockchain/crypto/digital currencies, see also gg-article/NewYorker 2021 bored-ape-avatars-taking-over-twitter- nft, crypto-currency - by Kyle Chayka AI, data, metrics see also eco , energy, ideal, local, next currencies  monetary reform    B … Continue reading ALT currencies -digital -blockchain -crypto, bitcoin, big tech, internet -social media -web3 -metaverse

ALT currencies – any, eco, energy, ideal, next

this page: ALT currencies -any, complimentary, eco, energy, ideal, next currencies see also on gg ALT currencies local ALT currencies -commercial -digital -blockchain -crypto, bitcoin , internet -big tech, -metaverse, web3 Digital Money News – CBDC, sovereign digital currencies, monetary politics archive monetary fiscal US/UK monetary fiscal EU monetary reform monetary reform  B Lietaer  M … Continue reading ALT currencies – any, eco, energy, ideal, next

Geoffrey Ingham

  In "The Nature of Money",  Geoffrey Ingham draws on neglected traditions in the social sciences to develop a theory of the ‘social relation’ of money. Genuinely multidisciplinary approach, based on a thorough knowledge of theories of money in the social sciencesAn original development of the neglected heterodox theories of moneyNew histories of the origins … Continue reading Geoffrey Ingham

Nigel Dodd

NIGEL DODD  twitter The Social Life of Money  2014  book review by Philipp Degens Nigel Dodd’s The Social Life of Money is an original and comprehensive contribution ... It is a must-read for any scholar interested in the topic as it helps to better understand the nature of money –or, of monies. Also, surely many … Continue reading Nigel Dodd