Digitales Zentral Bank Geld : Geld zwischen Schleier und Tabu (3)

TheEconomist zur Dominanz des Kreditgeldes, dessen Missachtung durch die orthodoxe Ökonomie und die Schwierigkeiten einer Wirtschafts-Wissenschaft ohne Mensch und Geld

GROWTH! What Growth?

GROWTH! What Growth? intro/featured/selected  Growth!WhatGrowth? updates here + ALT-, De-, non- GDP- post-Growth updates here Alf Hornborg writes in his article “How to turn an ocean liner”:  “Although soon reduced to a heterodox and marginalized position, the critique of growth has continued to challenge mainstream dogmas of economics and policy for over four decades. Countless debates have … Continue reading GROWTH! What Growth?

The Nobel Poor

One reason to celebrate this year's prize is that it went to a woman, albeit shared with two men.  Professor Duflo is only the second ever female economist to get the chance to feel humbled by this ultimate gong. The first was Elinor Ostrom in 2009. Funnily enough, history may well judge Ostrom's work on … Continue reading The Nobel Poor

D Orrell Quantum Economics – critical main-streamers

David Orrell  Quantum Economics, 2019, p 238   The penny drops While ... many mainstream economists have continued to make excuses for their epic forecasting miss , not all have been so sanguine . George Akerlof and Robert Shiller wrote in their 2015 Phishing for Phools : ‘ It is truly remarkable that so few economists … Continue reading D Orrell Quantum Economics – critical main-streamers

The Queen, Seventeen, Halloween…

Ten years after the 2008 crisis I came across an old Guardian article : Queen finally finds out why no one saw the financial crisis coming Her Majesty gets the answer to her question – four years after she asked it – on a tour of the Bank of England One doesn't normally keep the … Continue reading The Queen, Seventeen, Halloween…

Paul Romer wins Nobel Prize Not so easy to place Paul Romer on the school map of economics' paradigms. Though basically mainstream, he voiced his disenchantment with the post war development of macro in a manner so scathing it may have pushed him out toward the critical edge. Read his now (in)famous "The Trouble With Macroeconomics" below. For some reactions, background and context read William Black's … Continue reading Paul Romer wins Nobel Prize