THE COMMONS – PUBLIC GOOD 7-2022 "The Blue Commons: Rescuing the Economy of the Sea " by Guy Standing 'A landmark book... The Blue Commons is at once a brilliant synthesis, a searing analysis, and an inspiring call to action.' - David Bollier'With remarkable erudition, passion and lyricism, Guy Standing commands the reader to wake up to the threat posed … Continue reading THE COMMONS – PUBLIC GOOD

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Antikythera 50BC  about see also > digital commercial currencies- big tech, crypto, web - AI – algorithms, intelligence - innovation technology, big tech AI - intelligence - IQ <to be merged AI, data, metrics AI data/ metrics/ stats - social science AI/surveillance/targets/performance ALT socio eco metrics/ ESG data/accounting guardian 2022 When it is successfully deployed … Continue reading data, big tech, metrics, masurements, surveillance