ECO CRISIS – Climate     4/2021  A time-lapse video feature launched by Google Earth has drawn on nearly four decades of satellite imagery to vividly illustrate how the impact of humans and climate change have affected the planet. see also > earth+land –  eco crisis – climate  - food+farming  –  oceans - fishing  – natural resources  - nature, biodiversity - Plastics - pollution … Continue reading ECO CRISIS – Climate

ALT currencies – any, eco, energy, ideal, next

this page: ALT currencies -any, complimentary, eco, energy, ideal, next currencies see also on gg ALT currencies local ALT currencies -commercial -digital -blockchain -crypto, bitcoin , internet -big tech, -metaverse, web3 Digital Money News – CBDC, sovereign digital currencies, monetary politics archive monetary fiscal US/UK monetary fiscal EU monetary reform monetary reform  B Lietaer  M … Continue reading ALT currencies – any, eco, energy, ideal, next