J M Keynes

Not reading 'Das Kapital' also see > POST KEYNESIANS JM Keynesupdates wanderingdanny.com/oxford/2011/10/keynes-on-marx-and-das-kapital/ cf  Keynes to Shaw about Marx, J Robinson : Keynes ignorant about Marx nb  Victoria Chick : Keynes was about overcoming "neutrality" of money. In letter to B Shaw Keynes refers to economics as production of money... nb  Victoria Chick : Keynes was … Continue reading J M Keynes

M & M Push EU Across Rubicon

"The deal broke two historic taboos," writes The Economist. "First, Europe’s leaders agreed that the European Commission ... may incur debt at an unprecedented scale. The NGEU will be funded by borrowing over six years, with bonds issued at maturities extending to 2058. Second, €390bn of the €750bn will be distributed as grants, and hence … Continue reading M & M Push EU Across Rubicon


Is the coronavirus an act of green terrorism? Allegedly the currently globalising  coronavirus did not just accidentally escape from the  Wuhan virology lab  but was deliberately smuggled out by a 21 year old researcher and self declared Greta Thunberg fan.  "I wanted to disrupt the earth-killing global economy" declared the biochemistry student who sneaked out … Continue reading Crisis!