Poland Exits EU

"In der Hierarchy der Gesetzesquellen steht der EU Vertrag im Polnischen Rechtssystem unter der Polnischen Verfassung, wie jeder andere ratifizierte internationale Vertrag auch." Polnisches Verfassungsgericht 7/10/2021 Wow! I wonder why some Supreme British High Court never came up with that one? Many Brexiteers would have been quite content with such a reinterpration of the Common … Continue reading Poland Exits EU

Is Greenwashing the New Money Laundering?

greenwashing - updates see also climate crisis  ESG’s, green finance + investment Vorsprung durch Grünwaschen sustainability Not exactly. It’s not new. And it’s a lot bigger. Greenwash Guy Pearse 2012 The trillions involved are likely to dwarf the entire history of money laundering. Dig into the numbers below. But lets look on the bright sunny … Continue reading Is Greenwashing the New Money Laundering?