“Stupid German Money”

Dummes Deutsches Geld As wkipedia tells us "Stupid German Money ... ist ein ursprünglich von der US-amerikanischen Filmwirtschaft geprägter Begriff für Gelder aus geschlossenen Medienfonds des deutschlandspezifischen grauen Kapitalmarkts. Diese Fonds wurden wegen hoher Abschreibungsmöglichkeiten als Steuersparmodell genutzt. Die Gelder flossen größtenteils in amerikanische Filmproduktionen." Since then it's been used derogatively and polemically to refer to … Continue reading “Stupid German Money”

QE4: Q.E.[Qd] = E.Q.[Qs]

According to my usually in-the-know Berlin banking contact, some IMF mega-brains have come up with a cunning plan to help their departing boss with her new job. It's being tested in Washington right now and Ms Legarde will try and sell it to the Berlin Elite  in November. It comes with a brand new acronym : … Continue reading QE4: Q.E.[Qd] = E.Q.[Qs]

QE3 : The Board Members’ Memo

"If you are looking for intent AND stupidity, look at governments" World Citizen on Mishtalk. I call this this post QE3 because it turns out to be my third one on this topic. "End of (His)story" was the first. Not that I realised. I was just poking fun at all the defunct economics (1) implict … Continue reading QE3 : The Board Members’ Memo