David Orrell’s Quantum Money Magic – a must-read for would-be economists

book review- David Orrell's impressive, intelligent and imaginative bomb of a book is a highly recommended read for all connoisseurs of curiosity and hope and an absolute must-read for would-be economists. - Before you invest years of your time and 1000s of your dollars to practice 101 Mankiw, take time to read this book. Don't pay big bucks before you've read this quantum leap of a mind-bender destroying incumbent thought like there is a tomorrow. It'll reach parts of your quantum brain you could never code into clockwork DSGE. Read this book to reconsider the relevant marginal utilites. Especially if you are a bit of a quant, a bit nerdy or a bit curious.

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gaia0geld ALT currencies -digital -blockchain -crypto -NFT( bitcoin, diem, etc) , internet -big tech- metaverse, social media, www, web3 this page > updates - internet/web/big tech, - blockchain/crypto/digital currencies, - www, metaverse - social media, facebook, tiktok,twitter see also > gg-article/NewYorker 2021 bored-ape-avatars-taking-over-twitter- nft, crypto-currency - by Kyle Chayka gg arrticle big-tech-vincent-ventures-2021/ gg article altc-bitcoin-deciphering-crypto-j-norrington/ … Continue reading ALT currencies -digital -blockchain -crypto, bitcoin, big tech, internet -social media -web3 -metaverse


fortune.com 14-11-2023 Is remote work a disaster for productivity? Only if you ignore total factor productivity, Goldman says Goldman’s chief economist just weighed in on the productivity debate—and says it’s been dropping for years before remote work came along - By Jane Thier economist.com 2-11-2023 The world economy is defying gravity. That cannot last - … Continue reading PRODUCTIVITY

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Antikythera 50BC  about see also > digital commercial currencies- big tech, crypto, web - AI – algorithms, intelligence - innovation technology, big tech AI - intelligence - IQ <to be merged AI, data, metrics AI data/ metrics/ stats - social science AI/surveillance/targets/performance ALT socio eco metrics/ ESG data/accounting >work, psychology, ergonomics, human/machine nature.com - gg/pdf … Continue reading data, big tech, metrics, masurements, surveillance

GROWTH! What Growth?

GROWTH! What Growth? intro/featured/selected – Growth!WhatGrowth?updates here - +here Alf Hornborg writes in his article “How to turn an ocean liner”:  “Although soon reduced to a heterodox and marginalized position, the critique of growth has continued to challenge mainstream dogmas of economics and policy for over four decades. Countless debates have raged on what exactly is the problem … Continue reading GROWTH! What Growth?