History – classic to modern

classic-to-modern - see also pre history neolithic to ancient ancient to classic trade history slave trade hidden-history ft.com 29-4-2023 How 1848 revolutionised the modern world - Christopher Clark reviewed by Munro Price economist.com 27-4-2023 “Revolutionary Spring” brings to life the drama and daring of 1848 - Christopher Clark thinks the sacrifices of revolutionaries across Europe were … Continue reading History – classic to modern

slave trade, colonisation, enslavement, racism, slavery,

https://www.dw.com/en/slavery-routes-part-2/a-52206017 theguardian.com 29-3-2023 UK government and royals called on to investigate slavery links after Guardian apology .theguardian.com 3-2023 special series: Cotton Capital - How slavery changed the Guardian, Britain and the world sapiens.org 24-1-2023 Centering Black Lives in the Study of Human Remains - A contributor to a special series on decolonizing anthropology reckons with … Continue reading slave trade, colonisation, enslavement, racism, slavery,

The Limits To Greta

Greta has docked in Lisbon and is on her way to Madrid. Presumably by train. Most will cheer her on.   Many will not.  Some rather see her drowned like an inconvenient truth. Or hung like a false prophet. Some are annoyed. Some have reservations. And some are changing their minds. I was about Greta Thunberg's … Continue reading The Limits To Greta

Toward the Next Paradigm …

This Sunday November 17th 3pm :  GaiaMoney  is hosting a meeting of the "Toward the Next Paradigm..." project group in East Oxford. All welcome. Free drinks and nibbles. Please RSVP There are two topics on the agenda: (1)  Does Paul Krugman's  recently re-publicised   self critique  on globalization miss the point? (2)  How many, if any, theses should launch … Continue reading Toward the Next Paradigm …