Growth! Growth! Growth! Wrong? Wrong? Wrong?

Freeports, fracking and trickle-down tax cuts wrapped in workfare austerity? Liz Truss latest Ode to Growth sounded so out of tune with realities, even the money markets didn't know if they should laugh or cry at this eye-wateringly incompetent re-hash of 1980's neolibbery. Neither FT nor Economist were amused, and the polls seemed to be … Continue reading Growth! Growth! Growth! Wrong? Wrong? Wrong?

Energy Tycoon Wipes out Ortho Dogma – Cost of Living, Levelling Up and the Windfall Tax

unemployment down, vacancies up, wages down, inflation up, universal credit down, national insurance up - Cost of Living Hits Hard. Hard Enough to Find Money in a Windfall Tax?

Creditors Kill Europe

In a pre-summit article, German finance and foreign ministers Olaf Scholz and Heiko Maas  suggest flexible ESM adjustments to provide  "quick and targeted relief... (and) ... a pan-European guarantee fund to secure loans ... (so)  the European Investment Bank (EIB) would ensure liquidity for small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU countries." read the whole … Continue reading Creditors Kill Europe

QE4: Q.E.[Qd] = E.Q.[Qs]

According to my usually in-the-know Berlin banking contact, some IMF mega-brains have come up with a cunning plan to help their departing boss with her new job. It's being tested in Washington right now and Ms Legarde will try and sell it to the Berlin Elite  in November. It comes with a brand new acronym : … Continue reading QE4: Q.E.[Qd] = E.Q.[Qs]