POST -apocalypse -capitalism -growth -imperial – status quo

>post- orgs Post-growth Economics Network "for a future better not bigger" Post Growth Institute postgrowthplanning Collective for leading common spaces beyond growth 11-2023 Inside the techno-optimist cult influencing OpenAI’s Sam Altman - by Lucy Kenningham ...The most extreme version of this techno-optimist, effective accelerationist ideology can be seen in a corner of the … Continue reading POST -apocalypse -capitalism -growth -imperial – status quo

slave trade, colonisation, enslavement, racism, slavery, 29-3-2023 UK government and royals called on to investigate slavery links after Guardian apology 3-2023 special series: Cotton Capital - How slavery changed the Guardian, Britain and the world 24-1-2023 Centering Black Lives in the Study of Human Remains - A contributor to a special series on decolonizing anthropology reckons with … Continue reading slave trade, colonisation, enslavement, racism, slavery,

diversity 101 = pluriverse

    endorsements A way to understanding an alternative future. – Juliet Schor, Sociology, Boston College A book of dazzling breadth, provocative and persuasive scholarship. – Sylvia Marcos, Mexican feminist activist and scholar For too long the North has imposed its one-size-fits-all agenda on the South. – Dan O’Neill, economist, University of Leeds This Dictionary … Continue reading diversity 101 = pluriverse

degrowth auf deutsch

DeGrowth verbreitet  sich auch in Deutschland als BewegungsBegriff für Nachhaltigkeit und  PostWachstum. Niko Paech hat " Deutschland den Begriff der „Postwachstumsökonomie“ geprägt und gilt als vehementer Verfechter der Wachstumskritik."(wikipedia) Und mit Maja Göpel hat das Land der Grünen eine  Raworth&Nickel  kombinierende Ueberfrau und Videostar. Ihr Bestseller wurde selten breit gelobt (siehe unten) Viel Info und Artkel zum … Continue reading degrowth auf deutsch

GROWTH Socio ecological transformation Ulrich Brand Markus Wissen

Growth - De-Growth Social-ecological transformationUlrich BrandUniversity of Vienna, AustriaMarkus WissenBerlin School of Economics and Law, Germany Social-ecological transformation is an umbrellaterm which describes political, socioeconomic,and cultural shifts resulting from attempts toaddress the socioecological crisis. Under thisconceptual and epistemic heading, such terms asgreen, great or social-ecological transition, greator societal transformation, green economy, andsociotechnical transition have increasingly … Continue reading GROWTH Socio ecological transformation Ulrich Brand Markus Wissen