Monetary fiscal US UK Can Fed BoE BoC Brazil 9-6-2022 Rishi Sunak accused of wasting billions servicing government debt - by Faisal Islam ..."... NIESR's Prof Jagjit Chadha, told the Financial Times that Mr Sunak's failure to act had left the country with "an enormous bill and heavy continuing exposure to interest rate risk". The Bank of England created £895bn of money through quantitative easing. Most … Continue reading Monetary fiscal US UK Can Fed BoE BoC Brazil

Lagarde Adagio Offuscato

Expect nothing but a repeat variation of  her 2012 Wolfgang Schäuble laudatio  from consummate diplomat Christine Lagarde today.  This is not the time to tell the Germans to get over their Schwarze Null fetish and spend money. Maybe there will be the odd softly spoken hint at clever new injection technology tunneling through southern debt mountains toward … Continue reading Lagarde Adagio Offuscato

Head Scratching Inflation

"Inflation ... has left many observers scratching their heads as to why the current level ...  does not match the current state of the real economy ..."  said ex ECB board member Sabine Lautenschläger in a recent speech.   The Economist discerns "strange new rules", devotes a  special report to "The End of Inflation?" and concludes that inflation is … Continue reading Head Scratching Inflation